Delta Kappa Gamma attends convention

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Delta Kappa Gamma International, a society that promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education, held its international convention in Austin, Texas this July. 

Two Santa Clarita officers from Eta Rho Chapter, Peg Marrone and Penni Perrault, attended. Highlights included world-renowned speakers including Benjamin Zander, visionary, teacher, conductor and author, who spoke on a new perspective on leadership. 

Nadia Lopez wrote the book “The Bridge of Brilliance” and founded the Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brooklyn. She spoke about how she helps her students who are living in the underserved, marginalized neighborhood of Brownsville and how she connects them to the world.

The manager of global cause partnerships from UNICEF USA spoke on the work the group does in Africa. Dr. Christina Paras from Monterrey, Mexico, discussed her commitment to building alliances with organizations and institutions to promote the universal value of compassion. 

The breakout sessions were fascinating, inspiring and motivating for the over 1,600 educators from around the world. Delta Kappa Gamma continues to support local, nationwide and international teachers as well as critical education issues worldwide.

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