Family searching for helpful dispatcher

Kesha Holloway, holding her daughter Phoenix Clarke Holloway, says that she is forever grateful to the emergency response crew that helped her deliver her baby. Courtesy photo

A Santa Clarita family is in search of the 911 dispatcher who talked them through delivering their fourth child.

“I was just in shock,” said Kesha Holloway, a Santa Clarita resident and mother. “I didn’t feel any contractions or pain.”

Phoenix Clarke Holloway was born in her Santa Clarita home on July 30 around 3 a.m.

Kesha’s husband Eric delivered his baby girl in the middle of their living room with no doctors and no pain medication.

“It was the most beautiful experience for him to deliver his baby girl and for her to come out healthy,” Holloway said.

With the help of the 911 dispatcher, her husband was able to stay calm while Holloway caught it all on video.

“It was really amazing she was able to hold the phone sturdy and give birth without any pain meds,” said India Love, Kesha’s mother.

Paramedics arrived three minutes after the baby was born, Holloway said.

She had been trying to contact family once she knew she was in labor, but was unable to reach her mother until the paramedics had arrived.

“I was asleep, and my phone was buzzing,” Love said. “I clicked, and I saw her on a gurney holding a baby and a video, that’s when I screamed out to my other daughter, ‘Kesha had the baby at home.’”

When Love arrived at the hospital, her daughter and son-in-law were in a room with the baby, and nurses were checking their vital signs.

Their baby girl is now one month old. The family is still searching for the 911 dispatcher and paramedics who assisted Eric in delivering his daughter safely into this world.

“I am forever grateful. It made the delivery so much smoother, kept my husband and I calm and kept the baby safe,” Holloway said.

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