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Oksana Kolesnikova and the Oksana Management Group will offer 10 low-income students at Rio Vista Elementary School the opportunity to attend an after-school enrichment program free of charge this school year. (Courtesy of Alex Concas)

The Oksana Management Group has worked closely with the Saugus Union School District for the last two years as its offered an array of after-school activities, including music classes, foreign language learning and martial arts.

“Within two years, the after-school programs have expanded to 12 schools,” co-founder Alex Concas said. “Demand is great and it’s growing as we continue to add schools every semester.”

Led by CEO Oksana Kolesnikova, a pianist who has toured across Europe and Asia and played for many celebrities, the group offers tutoring, ballet, piano, keyboard and guitar classes, and partners with Santa Clarita businesses to provide others, such as karate and drama.

“Every child should have exposure to music, foreign language and other after-school activities,” said Kolesnikova, and now they will be able to, thanks to Isabelle Dubroy, one of the group’s standout piano pupils.

After a donation from Isabelle’s Heart Foundation, 10 low-income students at Rio Vista Elementary School will have the ability to attend an after-school enrichment program free of charge this school year.

“It’s truly amazing for her to offer children the opportunity to attend programs they usually would not be able to,” Concas said, “but hopefully, that’s just the start,” because the group is seeking additional after-school enrichment program sponsors who can help more schools and students get involved.

“Music has always been my passion,” Kolesnikova said. “It’s great because now I can give back to the children and give them an opportunity to succeed.”

More than 60 qualified teachers instruct hundreds of students attending private and public schools located throughout Santa Clarita, Concas said. “Schools love the programs, parents appreciate them and the best part is we give something valuable to the children.”

The group will also offer adult classes at the Paseo Club for anybody who is interested, even those who aren’t part of the club, Concas added.

“Our goal is to help children stay away from trouble through arts, music and creative outlets,” Kolesnikova said. “Kids are busy being productive and learning new skills, which provides an alternative way for them to channel their creative energies in a new way.”

For more information about sponsoring the group’s programs or to register your child, visit or call 323-284-7930.

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