Magic Mountain announces new coaster

Cory Rubin/ The Signal

Six Flags Magic Mountain representatives announced Wednesday night the latest addition to their repertoire of coasters: the West Coast Racers.

With this addition in 2019, the theme park will break a world record of having the most roller coasters, said Six Flags Magic Mountain President Neal Thurman.

The new racing coaster, also the first of its kind, will feature two side-by-side tracks with four individual high-speed launches, Thurman said. It is planned to be produced in partnership with West Coast Customs, an automobile repair shop headquartered in Corona that focuses on vehicle customization.

The ride will be three minutes long and go in two laps while racing the other cars on the track, with speeds of up to 55 miles per hour by the time riders cross the finish line.

There will also be 14 track crossovers and a “high-five” area where riders can nearly high-five guests on the opposing train. Additionally, there will be a “pit stop experience,” which occurs between the two laps and will be narrated by Ryan Friedlinghaus, the West Coast Customs CEO.

The ride is set to open in summer 2019 and will be located in a new L.A.-centric urban-themed area where Apocalypse and the Cyclone 500 Go Karts are presently located.

Apocalypse, a wooden coaster, and the Go Karts will undergo re-theming, while the entire area will undergo renovations, Thurman said.

The theme park is also announcing the start of 2019 season pass sales with a flash sale through Labor day weekend. From Friday to Monday, guests can receive a free upgrade to a Gold Season Pass with every pass purchased, which includes admission to all Six Flags theme parks.

Guests can also receive 50 percent off their membership if purchased during the flash sale.

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