Kids Expo brings together new and familiar businesses to help out the Child and Family Center

Safety teachers Stephanie Molt, left, and Michelle Chaney help teach children on how to stay safe at their table for Safety Town at the Kids Expo. Ryan Mancini/The Signal

Golden Valley High School opened its gym on Sunday to Santa Clarita families and businesses for the 15th annual Kids Expo, a fundraiser for the Child and Family Center.

“This event brings all of community partners together that are focused on services and programs for children in our community and it also gives kids a fun opportunity to come out and just enjoy it,” said Joan Aschoff, the Child and Family Center’s CEO.

Around 60 businesses set up information booths handing out fliers, pens and candy, in the spirit of Halloween.

Proceeds for the event go toward supporting the center’s mental health services for children suffering from emotional or behavioral problems.

“It’s interesting to watch (the event) change as our community has changed,” Aschoff said. “Different vendors come in to offer what they provide to the community and to connect with the kids.”

Children could break wooden boards with T.K. Tae Kwon Do, receive plastic teeth from Adventure Dental, spin wheels with the Child and Family Center and even learn about safety with the teachers of Safety Town.

Families from across Santa Clarita visited Golden Valley High School’s gym for the 15th annual Kids Expo, which benefits the Child and Family Center. Ryan Mancini/The Signal

“We teach the kids disaster preparedness, fire safety, stranger danger and things like that,” said safety teacher Stephanie Molt.

Although this was their first visit, they received a lot of positive feedback from the community, Mott said. “It’s been wonderful.”

Visiting with his family, Chris Hoetger’s children loved to spin the wheels.

“It’s our third year in a row, at least, because we always learn about new things in the community that we didn’t even know were here, every year,” he said.

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