Leopard looks, staying neutral


By Taylor Harding
Signal Staff Writer

Leopard love

I LOVE that leopard- and animal prints are in style right now.

I pretty much consider leopard another fall neutral at this point. It has the perfect fall color palette and it instantly elevates your look.

And while there can be a fine line between trendy and tacky when it comes to leopard, you gotta just own it. Sometimes you wanna feel like Jackie O, and other times, you wanna feel like Cardi B. There is a leopard for every mood, y’all.

Everything is under $100 except for Matisse booties because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “THEY ARE WORTH EVERY DAMN PENNY.” They’re so comfortable and so chic — Matisse can “have alllll my money hunnayy.”

Also — I found my leopard cardigan in pic from @colette.prime.

For more outfit details, visit StyleStash.co

Fall neutrals

So I have been very into neutrals this summer.

I think my closet is overflowing with white & off-white items at this point, lol. I used to think neutral tones washed me out, but I’ve discovered they can actually make me look pretty tan and glowy, which is ideal for fall since I’m usually pasty from October to May.

Now that we are transitioning into fall (RIP summer), I have been on a serious hunt for neutral toned sweaters and cardigans.

Gotta keep that neutral vibe going, y’all. I found such cute stuff (everything is under $100 but selling out so fast, ugh).  

As always, outfit details available at StyleStash.co

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