Hill elected to be co-representative to House Majority leadership

Katie Hill answers quastions from the crowd at the Bridgeport Clubhouse in Valencia. Cory Rubin/The Signal
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Rep.-elect Katie Hill, D-Agua Dulce, who will represent the 25th Congressional District beginning in January, was selected Thursday to be a freshman co-representative to the Democratic House Majority leadership in the upcoming congressional session.

The congresswoman-elect announced the news Thursday that she and members of the congressional freshman class Joe Neguse, Haley Stevens and Colin Allred would lead the new class in reporting to leadership about how to represent their communities.

Neguse represents Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District and ran with Hill as co-representative. Stevens, a member-elect to Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, and Allred, who was elected to represent Texas’s 32nd Congressional District, will serve as co-presidents.

Hill and Neguse declared their intent to run for co-representatives last week, she said, and were elected by their fellow members of Congress Thursday.

“Joe and I represent two very different districts and we have two very different backgrounds,” she said. “But we both bring new perspectives to the table and are committed to restoring the public’s faith and trust in our government. This freshman class is larger and more diverse than ever before, and we decided to run together because we believe that our voices represent the real priorities of the American people and that our class deserves a bigger seat at the table than in previous years.”

Hill said she had always known she wanted to serve in a capacity to allow her district to be heard in Washington, so considering the leadership role was something she had begun contemplating immediately after Election Day.

The best way to ensure the new Democratic leadership is focusing on the issues that matter to the 25th district, she said, is to become a part of that leadership team and be able to set the agenda, the priorities and influence how quickly results are delivered.

“In my position, I will be able to convey to leadership that our community is demanding more affordable health care and housing, a truly representative government that isn’t bought by corporations or special interests, and a growing middle class,” she said. “We won’t accept anything less.”


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