A place to ‘buy a friend a beer’

Geoff Pocock takes a sample of "The Rooster Who Knew Too Much" Pocock anniversary beer at the Pocock Brewery in Valencia. Dan Watson/The Signal
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By Taylor Villanueva
Signal Staff Writer

Pocock Brewing Company has quickly become a popular option in Santa Clarita.

The unique taste of the beer has proven to be popular simply from the places all around Southern California requesting to sell its beer, from the San Fernando Valley to Orange County.

Pocock Brewing Company features a variety of seasonal beers, but Todd Tisdell, one of Pocock’s four owners, says they also have special themed beers released throughout the year for holidays and special occasions.

During their Pococktoberfest, the brewery releases a themed beer that stays out until January or February. They will also be releasing St. Patrick’s Day beers in March 2019.

Tisdell says every year, the crew at Pocock also teams up with Pulchella Winery to create an anniversary beer. This year’s anniversary beer is a Saison called “Elusive.”

“We ferment the beer with their leaves until next fall, when we’ll release the anniversary beer for that year,” explains Tisdell.

Though most people come for the taste of the beer, many stay for the entertainment. Pocock hosts live trivia nights every Wednesday from 7-9 p.m, and live music on Saturdays from 7-10 p.m. Pocock is also host to more laid back activities, from arcade games to shuffleboard.

On a wall around the corner of the main room, there is an eye-catching chalkboard displayed with “Buy a Friend a Beer” written across the top. The wall features a grid with patrons’ names and a dollar amount next to it.

Tisdell says the names are essential gift cards customers give to their friends, but the idea to have their names up on the board makes it more fun.

There are also spots on the chalkboard for those in the military, police officers, teachers, nurses, EMTs and those in similar fields. Anyone who works in those fields can come in and use the gift card money to get themselves a drink. Tisdell says if those categories run low, customers usually notice and refill the amount so anyone in a service job can always have a beer.

The top of the chalkboard is also lined with patches from all over the country. These patches have been collected and traded by different service members throughout the years and made their way to the walls of Pocock, representing the patrons who have come from all over. Several of these patches are from the police department.

Pocock Brewing Company is located at 24907 Ave Tibbitts B, Santa Clarita, CA. 91355. For more information, visit the website, pocockbrewing.com, or call 661-775-4899.

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