City hosts 75 vendors of handmade goods at 27th Annual Fine Craft Show


With December finally here and Santa Clarita’s holiday boutique season in full swing, the city hosted its 27th Annual Fine Craft Show on Saturday and Sunday.

This year, 75 vendors set up booths and food trucks in Old Orchard Park selling everything from carved wood items to handcrafted soaps. That number is up from last year’s 66 vendors according to Katherine Nestved, arts coordinator for the city of Santa Clarita, who said she hopes to grow the number to 95 next year.

“We’re interested in fostering creativity throughout the city and providing local artists a venue to showcase their work and a place for residents to see them,” Nestved said. “Boutiques like this offer a shopping experience and handmade goods that you can’t find in Walmart or even online on Amazon. You able to have a one on one conversation with the artist about how it’s made that you can’t get online.”

Sonia Morreale, who came to support her friend’s booth, said that she has attended the event for several years and appreciates seeing the variety of products that each vendor offers.  

“ It’s a great way for me to finish my Christmas shopping,” she said. “Everything is so unique and one of a kind, not like anything you can find in a store. Everything is local and not from a factory in another country, so it’s great to support local businesses that can catch my attention.”

Jordan Lindebaum, co-owner of the touch lamp company Off the Beaten Pallet, said that while he tries to do one boutique show per month this is his first time at the Fine Craft Show.

“We do sell our products online but nothing beats people being able to see the product in person and be able to touch it,” Lindebaum said. “My stepmom recently told me how she feels like going to stores and shopping online is so impersonal. It’s the interactions that really help us sell products.”

Nestved, who coordinated the event for the past two years, said that part of the reason that the Fine Craft Show has been able to survive for 27 years is the city’s deep sense of tradition.

“Santa Clarita is great at tradition. They really like things that they can do things every year. Having this event every year and seeing people come with new vendors makes it feel like it’s a part of the city.”

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