Canyon View Estates residents left in the dark

Solar panels line a hillside in Canyon Country above the Canyon View Estates. The City of Santa Clarita has ordered the removal of these panels. Cory Rubin/ The Signal

An estimated 200 residents in Canyon View Estates were without power from 10 a.m. Wednesday into the evening, with no word on how long the outage would last.

In an effort to confirm the outage and get an update on the problem and possibly a time for electrical power to be restored, a phone call was made to Canyon View Estates on Wednesday evening.

A woman who answered the phone by saying “Canyon View Estates,” said “just a second please,” to the reporter who identified himself as such. The call was placed on hold and she did not return until the phone connection went dead.

A follow-up phone call placed within five minutes went to a phone message machine.

According to one Canyon View Estates resident, who asked not to be identified, “The only information that residents have been provided is that a transformer blew.

“We were promised when the solar panels were installed that we would have power should something like this occur again. This isn’t the first time CVE has had this problem,” the resident said.

“The last time power was not restored for days. That was the middle of a scorching summer heat. Now it is the middle of winter and the residents are left without electricity for heaters.

“This is ridiculous,” the resident said.

“The solar panels are an eyesore to the entire community and now to find out that they don’t even help the residents that have to live below them is a joke.”

Four months ago, the solar panels behind the Canyon View Estates mobile home park remained on the hillsides nearly two months after the city of Santa Clarita directed owners to remove them.

In July, the city issued a notice of violation for the installment of multiple solar panels in and outside the park for failing to obtain the required permits and not complying with conditions of approval, including a condition that 50 percent of the property remain as open space.

Owners of the property were ordered to remove the panels as a result. The city of Santa Clarita is pursuing litigation to force the removal of the solar panels.

Efforts to reach Managing Partner Kerry Seidenglanz Wednesday night were unsuccessful.

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