Fil-Am Association to host superhero masquerade ball

Members of the Filipino American Association of Santa Clarita gathered at last year's inaugural ball. Leomar Carrillo Photography

The Filipino American Association of Santa Clarita is scheduled to hold its 36th Inaugural Ball on Feb. 24 at the Hyatt Regency Valencia.

The Fil-Am Association hosts the inaugural ball each year to both thank the old board of directors and to welcome the organization’s new officers. The balls are traditionally formal affairs. However, incoming president Jocelyn Reyes wanted to bring a new energy to the event and the organization. The newly elected president has the responsibility of choosing the event’s theme and Reyes chose to have a superhero masquerade ball.

“There are two reasons why I chose that theme, the first being I wanted to thank and unmask the heroes behind our organization’s committees and extraordinary potential within us all,” Reyes said. “I also wanted to make it a fun theme this year, especially for the kids in the organization because I personally feel that it’s important to connect with the youth.”

The ball is one of the Fil-Am Association’s two biggest fundraising events that help pay for the various scholarships the organization offers. Though she says she appreciates the history and traditional proceedings of the event, she feels there is room for the event to evolve while still respecting its roots.

“I don’t need to spend 25 minutes talking about my platform since everyone already knows that I ran on community service and it’s printed in the programs,” she said. “I would rather spend that time individually recognizing the people behind the scenes that make our organization work.”

Though the night’s entertainment will feature local Filipino singers and dancers, Reyes said they will perform more contemporary works rather than traditional Filipino songs and dances. The night will also feature auctions and dancing.

Reyes said the ball is one of the few ways the Fil-Am Association is able to increase awareness, and though the organization has membership restrictions including being of Filipino descent, she welcomes all members of the community to come to the ball. Mayor Marsha McLean and other members of the City Council are scheduled to attend.

“Cultural organizations like ours help show people who we are, where we came from and what we do, so we really need events like this to help boost our visibility,” she said. “Ever since I became active in this organization my own children became more interested in learning about their heritage. There are about 4,500 Filipinos in Santa Clarita, but if no one knows about us then we won’t be able to have the same impact on our community.”
Tickets to the Masquerade Ball cost $50 before Thursday and $60 from Friday onward. Visit to register and for more information.

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