Pagter Brothers add to SCV wine scene in Newhall

Doug Minnick, left, and Scott Page-Pagter display their wines, Hoi Polloi Winery and Pagter Brothers Winery at the Double Trouble Wine Room in Newhall on Friday, December 14, 2018. Dan Watson/The Signal

By Taylor Villanueva
Signal Staff Writer

When brothers Gib Pagter and Scott Page-Pagter noticed a need for more wineries in the Santa Clarita Valley, Pagter Brothers Winery was born.

Gib Pagter started out as an investor in Pagter Brothers Winery while Scott Page-Pagter did the mixing.

“I researched by drinking a lot of wine,” says Page Pagter.

“I thought, ‘There’s got to be a way to make money drinking.’ So in 2017, I started making wine with a friend.”

Page-Pagter started making wine for Pagter Brothers Winery in 2013. He began selling it in 2015.

“It takes a year and a half or two years in the barrel,” Page-Pagter said.

But he soon realized it would be hard to sell his wine without a tasting room.

“Pulchella (Winery) talked us into pouring at one of their parties, and I realized this valley needs some more wine,” he said. “That’s when I decided to open a tasting room.”

The brothers partnered with the Hoi Polloi Winery to open up a tasting room, fittingly called Double Trouble Wine Room.

“We are two separate wineries sharing the place,” says Page-Pagter. “We are like brothers.”

The owners of the two wineries at Double Trouble Wine Room put together most of the space themselves, like the tables throughout the room.

“We built all these tables,” Page-Pagter explained.

He says that he learned how to build the tables himself after finding reclaimed pallet wood that caught his eye.

“There was a woman importing some things from Italy and the pallets were spectacular. We used all this wood and made tables out of them.”

The wine room also displays art along the walls and couches along the sides for a relaxed feel.

Outside, there is a patio seating area where patrons can enjoy a game of cornhole or enjoy some music under the lights.

Pagter Brothers Winery features a selection of drinks from a 2017 Rosé to a 2013 Syrah.

The Pagter brothers even have their own wines that represent their personalities, Gib’s is “Notorious,” and Scott’s is “Melodious.”

“He’s the business side of things and I’m the musician,” explains Page-Pagter.

His wife, Sidney, is a performer, as well. Their band Sidney and the Detours often perform at Double Trouble.

Page-Pagter is no novice in the entertainment industry.

Before making wine his full-time business, Page-Pagter worked as a television producer and voice actor. He is arguably most recognized for his role as a producer on “Power Rangers.”

He says that sometimes, the “Power Rangers” actors make surprise appearances at the wine room.

Page-Pagter later worked as a director, composer, sound designer and producer for Mattel before his began working full time making wine.

“There were not enough tasting rooms locally,” Page-Pagter says.

“You would have to drive to Santa Ynez or Paso Robles for good wine tasting.”

He explains getting the taste of the wine he wants starts with good grapes.

“What we’ve done is found vineyards we like the wine from. We harass them and see if we can get grapes from those vineyards.”

He says they make the deals to get the grapes, then pick them when they are at the right sugar levels for their wine.

Page-Pagter says his favorite part of having his own winery is doing the blending.

“It’s really fun. It’s scientific, but in the beginning you get a bunch of bottles of pure grapes and wine and do different blends until you figure out something you like.”

And sometimes, accidents make for the best wine. This happened with Pagter Brothers’ “Notorious.”

“This one was a fluke. We had two barrels great by themselves and we wanted to make two blends out of them.”

Since the wine room acts as an extension of Pagter Brothers Winery rather than a bar, it’s a family-friendly environment.

“I think (people) find it’s a relaxing, local, nice hangout,” tells Page-Pagter. “A lot of locals who come in here all the time, they feel comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere.”

Guests can even join the wine club, which offers benefits including 20 percent off glasses of wine and tastings of wines from both Pagter Brothers Winery and the Hoi Polloi Winery.

For more information on Pagter Brothers Winery and the Hoi Polloi Winery, visit or call 661-476-5627. Double Trouble Wine Room is located at 24338 Main Street, Old Town Newhall 91321.

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