Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society holds annual seminar

Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society co-founder and current president Kitty Belendez lead the organization's annual seminar on Sunday at the Santa Clarita Senior Center. Matt Fernandez/ The Signal

The Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society held their annual rose care seminar at the Santa Clarita Senior Center on Sunday.

Rose Society co-founder and current president Kitty Belendez led the seminar with her husband Bob. They taught attendees how to properly prune, fertilize and care for their rose plants.

“We’ve put this event on every year for the past 26 years,” Belendez said. “Over the years we’ve seen up to about 125 people come to these events. What many people don’t realize is how low-maintenance rose plants are.”

Founded in 1992, the Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society is a nonprofit educational organization that hosts public events and publishes articles to highlight their favorite flower and help teach the public about how to better grow their own roses.

“Our mission is to help educate the public and make roses easier to grow for all,” she said. “I’ve grown a lot of different plants in my years but once I started growing roses, I was hooked. My husband and I are Master Rosarians, accredited judges with the American Rose Society and compete in rose competitions so it’s safe to say my life revolves around the flower.”

Teresa Mathers, a nine-year member and past president of the Rose Society, said that she first joined the organization when she first moved to the area and was looking for a way to make friends.

“Flowers and being in a garden create a happiness for me and like other members of the Rose Society, just being outside puts a smile on my face,” Mathers said. “In many instances the rose represents love and usually when someone receives roses as a gift it shows endearment. People are so drawn to roses I think because they represent happiness and because they’re beautiful, fragrant flowers.”

Thomas Lawn discovered the Rose Society on Saturday at a booth at the Green Thumb Nursery after he bought some roses. Sunday’s seminar was his first.

“I enjoy gardening because it’s exercise,” he said. “I’m out in the fresh air and I’m growing something. As long as you know what you’re doing, roses are easy to grow in the Santa Clarita area so I’m hoping to learn how to prune roses today. I look forward to coming back to more meetings in the future.”

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