Hart board hears review of district health services


More than 8,500 students within the William S. Hart Union High School District have health conditions that are tracked by faculty and staff, according  to a presentation given to the district board Wednesday evening.

Presented by Tracy M. Glen, the coordinator of special education, the trustees heard about the  specialized care and training for students with fragile medical needs during the latest board meeting.

The district has been made aware of 78 students with diabetes, 1,702 students with asthma, 459 students with medication administration needs, 279 customized health care plans and a total of 6,343 students with other medical conditions, Glen said.

“Our health services staff also provides assistance with students (and staff members) for things like anxiety, minor injuries, personal health concerns and more,” said Glen. “And I just want to say, that anxiety piece, the first stop really is the health office. If there’s a student having a problem in class they’re always going to the health office first and then our health office technicians and registered nurses send them to the appropriate places after that.”

During her presentation, Glen also touched on a variety of other services provided by the district  including new techniques and training as it relates to healthcare emergencies and treatment with district staff. She even shared an anecdote about how one staff member at Placerita Junior High School was able to save a boy’s appendage due to the the know-how she learned from district provided courses.

“A student had an incident in the weight room and severed his finger,” Glen’s presentation read. “Sonia Martinez, the health technician, stepped forward, while we all stepped back. She had the training to stay calm and provided care for the student. His finger was saved.”

Glen also touched on the future goals the district health workers have as they work to provide the adequate services to over 22,000 students.

The district hopes to make more CPR training available, increase revenue from medical billing and support the recent efforts for the district’s wellness program and provide  more training for health technicians, Glen said.

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