REDHOTCHIX sets its own standard for femininity

Brigitta Benitez created her women's clothing and motivational speaking company REDHOTCHIX in November 2018 to promote an aggressive, go-getter mindset in women. Courtesy image: Ana Oquendo

Brigitta Benitez always knew she wanted to be her own boss.

The young business owner and Santa Clarita resident credits the independence and success of her mother, who also owns her own businesses, for inspiring her to be an entrepreneur.

“She was always able to set her own schedule and didn’t have to rely on other people to make money, so I really wanted to follow in her footsteps,” Benitez said. “I was also a very confident, passionate person that wanted to influence other people with my career.”

Benitez started her company REDHOTCHIX in November 2018. In January, the online women’s clothing company expanded to add a motivational speaking component, which Benitez does through daily Instagram TV videos and in-person speaking engagements.

“I wanted to inspire people,” she said. “My favorite color is red and I thought women’s empowerment is a really important cause that will let me pursue my interest in fashion. I saw an opportunity to use my passions and my experience in things like film and modeling to start a company I’m passionate about.”

She founded REDHOTCHIX on a philosophy that she refers to as “aggressivist,” and champions women aggressively pursuing equality an opportunity. Her products, including dresses, backpacks, shoes and sportswear, feature phrases like “I inspire my haters,” “hustler” and “female CEO.”

“Aggressive is the new feminine and we’re allowing a lot of tomboys, like me, who don’t fit that traditional definition of feminine to get the attention they deserve and feel sexy,” she said. “Aggressive, and I mean mentally aggressive and not being physically aggressive towards people, is a much more neutral word where both men and women can have the same nature of going for what they want. You can be that hustling, driven woman and still be nurturing or whoever you want to be.”

REDHOTCHIX is not Benitez’s first business. Previously, she owned Royal Vitality Inc., a marketing which sold AT&T and DirecTV memberships. However, she found herself losing money and pouring over 100 hours per week into a business she had little interest in and she closed Royal Vitality.

“On top of the business side, I was having a lot of difficulty in my personal life, and I just lost myself,” she said. “That business did teach me how to sacrifice, make my time worth it, budgeting and how to engage people.”

After she decided to start REDHOTCHIX, it only took her a few months to decide how to structure the company, design her products and find a manufacturer before she launched the brand on her birthday. Though she created and runs the company by herself, Benitez said that she doesn’t mind all the work and actually prefers the independence and control that it allows.

Brigitta’s mother, Monika Geisz-Benitez, who owns a boxing gym and sold her previous kids dance and computer education businesses, said that her family comes from a long line of business owners. Geisz-Benitez said that she is proud of her daughter’s determination  and resolve to keep pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams even throughout the hardships.

“She doesn’t take no for an answer and is not afraid to put in the hours and the hard work,” Geisz-Benitez said. “Brigitta has taught me to keep a more open mind to new ideas and possibilities. You can tell that she’s a leader and I always knew she would become an entrepreneur.”

Inspiration is one of Benitez’s core values and central theme for her plan for REDHOTCHIX’s future. Though the company began with women’s clothing, she said she always planned for it to have a motivational speaking component. Her goal is to one day restructure the company to mainly focus on speaking engagements while the clothing will become a more supplementary source of revenue.

“I’ve always been good at giving people advice and inspiring people and people have told me before that I should consider being a life coach,” she said. “I actually spoke at the Women Economic Forum conference not to long ago. Social media is such a central part of people’s lives and since a lot of people haven’t really gotten into IGTV, I can become one of the rising stars of the platform. I want to share my life experiences and I’ve gotten such positive feedback from my videos from so many people, from both men and women.”

On top of running REDHOTCHIX, Benitez works as a social media director for a nutritional supplement company, models, does photography, works out at least four days a week and still keeps her weekends free to spend time with her friends.

“As crazy as it seems that I’m doing all of this I’m not worried about burning out because I’m able to balance it all,” she said. “I’m an aggressivist. I do what it takes.”

To learn more about REDHOTCHIX visit or @redhotchix on Instagram.

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