SCAA members’ exhibit celebrates ‘La Femme’

Olga Kaczmar’s “Bathing Beauties” is on display at La Galeria Gitana in San Fernando through May 3. Courtesy photo
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Four Santa Clarita Artists Association members have been accepted to the “Women: A Celebration of La Femme” exhibition at La Galeria Gitana in San Fernando. The exhibit will run until May 3.

Jerry Cowart, award-winning fine art photographer, said, “I am a storyteller and, through my photography, I tell many stories and I hope that each person who sees my work enjoys the stories I am telling. The eight photos I have in the show are about four amazing women, their love, courage, talent and artistry of them and the horses they ride. I hope you enjoy the ride — I mean the read!”

Olga Kaczmar has “three entries in this show: two oils and a pastel. The most fun one is ‘Bathing Beauties,’ referenced from a rare black and white photo, which I colorized, added facial expressions and daring bathing suits of the 1920s era. While painting them, I made friends with each gal — I felt them giggle as I brought them to life,“ Kaczmar said.

Mardi Georgio said, “I love portraying the beautiful women of the music and film industries. ‘Diana’ (a charcoal drawing) was such a talented and magnetic force in such a tiny body. The colors and styles of the ’60s and ’70s were some of the most vibrant and fun. In my pastel ‘Supreme Sensation,’ the challenge of portraying three distinct women in a fictional stage scene was enormously enervating. These talented women inspired with their music and style.”

The fourth SCAA exhibitor is Mike Farrell. “The art that I make generally has a narrative to it. In my drawing, ‘Bed Check,’ I’ve tried to depict the security of a nourishing relationship, along with the active effort needed to build that security. While not exclusively feminine, society has traditionally assigned that role to the female half of our world and that is what I’m trying to depict here.”

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