Castaic Middle School set to host annual Portfolio Day

SIGNAL FILE PHOTO: Several students at Castaic Middle School got a chance to participate in Portfolio Day Wednesday, May 25, 2016. Dan Watson / The Signal.

The eighth-graders of Castaic MIddle School are preparing for their annual Portfolio Day presentations — an event, held once a year for the past two decades, that involves the students presenting their work and participating in mock interviews with professionals in the workforce.

“They are the portfolios they have put together over their two years at CMS,” said Debbie Rupel, a CMS eighth-grade teacher and event organizer. “The projects are designed to showcase their 21st century learning skills.”

Those 21st Century skills are divided into four categories: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity/innovation, also known as the “Four Cs.”

“Each student will show evidence of mastery of each of the Cs,” said Rupel. “And they’ll showcase it through their electronic websites (they’ve created), which has numerous pages with their work attached to demonstrate their skills.”

In addition to the “Four Cs,” there will be pages on each of the students’ websites showing their hobby outside of school, research of a career pathway and their individual resume, according to Rupel. Once compiled and ready to present, the students will sit down and hold a mock interview with a member of the community role-playing as an interviewer.

“On Portfolio Day, they will sit down with an evaluator just like an actual job interview,” Rupel said.

CUSD officials have said they are now looking for 40-45 members of the community who are professionals in their respective fields, regardless of industry, and are willing to volunteer as evaluators on Portfolio Day on May 23.

“It doesn’t matter what profession, but we’re looking for professionals who, at the end of the student’s presentation, can talk to them and give them different exposure to careers that are out there in the real world,” said Rupel.

For more information about the sessions a volunteer can sign up for or more information about Portfolio Day in general, visit For additional questions, email Rupel at [email protected].

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