Rio Norte student detained after sending ‘threatening’ text

A threat directed at students of a local junior high school resulted in one student being detained, according to law enforcement officials.

On Wednesday night, Rio Norte Junior High School staff became aware of a “threatening text message” that was received by a group of students.

The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station was notified immediately and conducted an investigation, according to school officials.

“The message threatened to harm approximately 11 students,” said Shirley Miller, spokeswoman for the SCV Sheriff’s Station.

During the investigation, the student told deputies it was merely a joke, but he was taken into custody on suspicion of criminal threats charges and later released to his parents, according to sheriff’s officials.

A complete threat assessment was also conducted by detectives throughout the night, added Miller.

“Being with current national incidents, such as the shooting at a Colorado school this week, we are very sensitive to any perceived threats that we are made aware of,” said Miller.

After the investigation, deputies determined that it was safe for students to attend school the next day.

To assure the situation was safe, the school principal sent an email to parents that same night.

“We are grateful to the students and parents that brought the information to our attention, and to the Sheriff’s Department for a swift response,” said Audrey Asplund. “It is our desire to act out of an abundance of caution when it comes to student safety.”

Miller advised parents to have a conversation with their children, if they haven’t done so, about not saying things to others that threaten harm to other students or target a school.

“All threats made by students, even if they’re joking, are treated as actual unless proven otherwise,” added Miller.


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