Why You Should Look at Gas Hot Water Systems for Your Home


A gas hot water system has a lot of benefits. If you don’t already have one in place, it may be just the upgrade that you need to kickstart your reno project and make your home more efficient. Natural gas hot water tanks offer a lot of perks, including the chance to keep up with the energy efficiency of electric systems at a fraction of the cost.

In the past, people looking for energy efficient solutions turned to electric because gas water tanks tend to lose heat in the walls and exhaust. Modern systems, however, have improved those areas of heat loss and now offer a great alternative for efficiency combined with cost savings. Why, specifically, should you consider gas hot water system for your home? Here are a few reasons.

Natural gas is cheaper than electricity in most places

The rates that you pay for gas and electric service will vary depending on where you live, who your service provider is, and what type of additional aggregate or distribution services you enroll in. However, electricity rates tend to be much higher than natural gas rates in general, so a gas hot water tank could save you a lot of money.

Did you know that as much as 20% of your energy bill is from heating water in the home? Whether you have a family of eight or are just a couple of empty nesters, this is still a big area where you can save money if you switch to natural gas.

Gas hot water systems have better flow rates

If you’re considering an on-demand system, you need a high flow rate to keep the hot water coming when you need it. Tankless models are great space savers and they offer a lot of energy savings. A gas tankless water heater is even more efficient because they can deliver a higher volume of hot water than most electric models.

Condensing water heaters are available for larger installations

A traditional combustion hot water tank releases dangerous gases and can pose a safety risk if it is not properly vented. Condensing heaters, on the other hand, use a coil system to heat the water so the gases remain contained. If you’re going with natural gas and need a tank larger than 55 gallons, this is an ideal option for energy savings and improved safety for your family.

Let’s Review

Gas hot water tanks might not be the ideal choice for every application. It is the cheapest, most reliable energy source for heating water and if you already have gas piped into your home, it will be easy to install. Plus, a gas hot water system is:

  • About ⅓ the cost of electric water heaters
  • Quicker to recover and replenish the water supply
  • Able to provide more water on a constant basis due to rapid recovery

Unless your access to natural gas service is limited or you can’t find a reliable source of propane delivery to fuel your system, gas is almost always the way to go.

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