Canyon High band trailers vandalized; fundraising help sought

Over the weekend the Canyon High School Marching band trailer, along with a number of other campus organization trailers, was vandalized. Photo courtesy of Jenny Buchanan.

A number of trailers on Canyon High School’s campus were vandalized over the weekend, two of which belonged to the school’s marching band, leaving booster clubs scrambling to repair them.

Jenny Buchanan, treasurer for the Gold Star Brigade, the Canyon High band’s booster club, said the students found the trailers vandalized as they walked onto the field for band practice at 7 a.m. Monday.

“At some point over the weekend, two of our trailers, as well as cross-country, football and the wall next to where the trailers were kept, were vandalized,” said Buchanan. “Whoever took it upon themselves clearly had ample time, because it wasn’t just a quick line (of spray paint) and then they were spooked. They really took their time.”

According to Buchanan, a number of profanities were spray painted on the sides of the trailers in yellow paint, along with someone’s initials and the words, “Big Stomper.”

Because of the foul language, Buchanan said Canyon High Band Director Stephen Hufford had to immediately call it in to school staff, who then made the decision to remove the graffiti as soon as possible.

“The custodial staff told us it was going to ruin the lettering and the paint, but they had to get the language off,” Buchanan said, adding that the trailer graphics would be ruined due to age and lack of protection against vandalism. “When they cleaned it, it smeared it, and it took care of the immediate issue, but the trailers are stained yellow now and need to be redone.”

This could not come at a less opportune time for the band, according to booster club officials, because after fundraising for five years, the boosters just recently purchased $61,000 in new uniforms for the kids.

Buchanan said the booster club has three options: repaint it themselves; ask someone to help them create a stencil and paint it; or pay for a specifically designed wrap, which could include an anti-graffiti wrap film.

“We need these trailers to be fixed by the end of September because competitions start at the beginning of October,” said Buchanan.

Ideally, the Gold Star Brigade would like to pay for wraps for both the trailers, and they believe that it would cost anywhere between $3,500 and $5,000 for both trailers. In order to help fundraise toward this goal, the booster club has set up a donation page through PayPal, and has raised $850 as of Wednesday.

“We really don’t have the money to give it the facelift it needs,” said Buchanan. “But even $5 can make a difference.”

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station officials were not available to comment Wednesday afternoon.

For more information about how to donate, visit the donation page at

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