Santa Clarita shares community recycling PSA


Green Santa Clarita, the city’s environmental protection division, is asking residents to be aware of what materials they place in waste bins to maximize recycling efforts.

The city’s “green” agency provided tips for recycling in an effort to curb the amount of plastic bags processed at the centers. 

The “Free Your Recyclables! Never Bag Them” announcement focuses on plastic bags that eventually make way to recycling facilities and cause machinery to malfunction.

Laura Jardine, project technician for city of Santa Clarita’s Environmental Services, discussed how “loose recycling” is a better way to handle reusable materials.

“With the recycling industry changing and the need for clean recyclables, there are some simple and easy steps that can be taken to make the process more efficient,” said Jardine. “One of those key steps is loose recycling, keeping plastic bags out of the recycling.”

The announcement suggests that empty bottles, cans, containers or paper and cardboard materials be placed into bins loosely in order to prevent plastic bags getting tangled into machinery at the recycling facility.

“Sometimes people will put recycles in a bag as a convenient way to carry it to the container,” said Jardine, “Just empty them out of the bag or the collection container you are using and dump them straight into the recycle bin.”

Green Santa Clarita frequently hosts events for the public to get more information on handling waste and recyclable materials. 

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