How to Find Assignment Help From The Best Academic Writers


With so many online assignment help companies around, making a choice is really difficult. Online reviews might help to narrow down the search a little bit by filtering out those with low ratings, but it’s possible that you’ll still end up with a bunch of options.

We know how tricky it is. Every assignment comes with instructions and recommendations that you need to respect to get a high grade, and trusting someone else with them can be a bit daunting. Moreover, after reading the reviews about writers ignoring the instructions, you’ll realize that finding that diligent and trustworthy writer isn’t about being lucky, but rather knowing how to spot a quality assignment help service.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly that.

Step 1: Begin with Google

The search for the best assignment help online begins with Google. There are some keyword combinations that you should try, including the following:

  • “Quality online assignment help”
  • “Assignment help online.”

Don’t forget to include details such as assignment area (“sociology assignment help online”) and your country to help Google give you the most relevant results. If you study in a large city, you can also include its name; this helps with finding local academic writing services.

Or in some cases, you can even find online assignment help companies that use writers who graduated from the same colleges and universities as customers.

Step 2: Find Information about Writer Onboarding and Expertise

Every self-respecting online assignment help company has this information readily available on its website. For example, some of them have entire website sections called “Our Writers” or something like this, and there you can locate such details as how the company hires its writers.

The best academic writers, of course, have either undergraduate or graduate degrees in their respective knowledge areas. That’s why when a customer asks for academic writing help in that area, the company assigns that writer has appropriate expertise to provide the assistance.

Check if this is the case by visiting the page where your selected online assignment help company describes their writers or contacting their customer support and asking them.

Step 3: Read Reviews of a Selected Company

Let’s suppose that you followed the steps described above and found a service you like, the last step you need to take is reading reviews. There are two places where you should go to find them: third-party resources and the website of that company.

For example, many assignment help companies allow customers to leave reviews on their own website, so browse the website of a service you like to find them. If you don’t, there are always third-party, independent essay writing reviews websites out there to check out.

These review websites often have in-depth reports about online assignment help companies; for example, a typical review includes information about the quality of customer support, writers, and, of course, their work. The reports can be very useful because often reviews companies have writing services complete academic projects and evaluate their real work.

If you find that a particular service enjoys a lot of positive reviews from people as well as independent reviewers, the chances are high that it’s trustworthy.

Step 4: Talk to Customer Support

Customer support is something that all online assignment help services have, so why not message them to find out about what their writers can do for you? Typically, you’ll find multiple options for contact, including email, phone, live chat, and Messenger. The last two respective options are the best to use because they provide immediate answers.

So, drop a message saying that you’d like to know if the service has a writer with a specific degree to handle your assignment. If the customer service team member responds positively, be sure to ask for the ID of that writer to make sure that he or she is the one assisting you with your project.

Many assignment help companies also allow to communicate with writers, so taking advantage of this opportunity would definitely be a good idea. Chatting with your writer for 5 minutes should give you an idea of whether they have what it takes to help you with your assignment. For example, you can ask them about their experience with writing about your topic, knowledge area, or other assignment-related information you find important.

The red flags to watch out for include:

  • Slow, irrelevant, or unhelpful answers from customer support
  • Replies that sound like they were generated by a chatbot
  • Answers that look like they were written by non-native English speakers.


Finding assignment help from the best academic writers requires a bit of work. With so many options to choose from, it’s very easy to make a mistake and waste a lot of time. However, if you follow these steps, then you’ll definitely find qualified, professional writers who will help you to complete your academic projects successfully.

Lucy Benton is a writing coach, an editor who finds her passion in expressing own thoughts as a blogger and currently works at a few professional writing services. She is constantly looking for ways to improve her skills and expertise.

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