Edison: Outage affecting 1,880 caused ‘underground,’ not by downed wires.

Downed power lines in Newhall spark small fire, power outage

Southern California Edison officials say a power outage Friday that left more than 1,880 people without power was caused by “underground components’ and not downed power lines.

Although downed power lines were suspected initially as the cause of the outage, Edison spokeswoman Mary Ann Milbourn said late Friday afternoon: “The outage was due to underground components.”

The outage started just before 12:10 p.m., she said, the same time firefighters with the Los Angeles County Fire Department were alerted to a small brush fire as the result of power lines reported to be down near Calgrove Boulevard, near the southbound lanes of Interstate 5, Fire Department spokesman Marvin Lim said.

Residents in the area didn’t wait for firefighters, however, and instead extinguished the fire themselves, he said. “This was a small fire put out by residents.”

Firefighters arrived at the extinguished fire within five minutes and notified Edison officials about the down power lines, Lim said.

At about 2:40 p.m., power was restored to all but 489 Edison customers, Milbourn said.

An hour later, power had been restored to all but seven customers, she said.

“This is a commercial area on The Old Road south of Pico Canyon Road and north of Bracken Lane,” Milbourn said.

“The power outage was not the result of an overhead power line,” she said.

Firefighters then responded to reports of power lines sparking, between Calgrove Boulevard and Hawkbryn Avenue, at the south end of the Mulberry Mobil Home Park on Wiley Canyon Road.

In-N-Out Burger and the Sit ‘n Sleep outlet on The Old Road south of Lyons were reported to have lost power.

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