Top reasons for choosing an open relationship


An open relationship is an agreement between partners that they will see each other, spend time together, but without any obligations. Each of them can leave at any moment – no one will be offended by him. Even in intimate sphere, any of the partners can be unfaithful, since a man and a woman are not an official couple.

The first important plus of an open relationship is that partners have no expectations for each other. This makes this type of alliance more stable and lasting than those where partners are monogamous. Why do official couples break up faster than when they have an open relationship? Why are more and more people choosing to build this type of connection than to formally register their alliances?

As we can read in Fantasy blog by the link, the answer to these questions is one: partners simply do not demand and do not expect anything from each other, which means that they do not have conflicts on the basis of unfulfilled hopes, unfulfilled promises, etc.

Why do people choose an open relationship

There are 5 common reasons:

1. First of all, it’s personal freedom. Usually it is more subject to men. But modern women have also begun to defend their freedom in love, personal relationship and family responsibilities.

2. Liberty. All people want to be free, non-obligatory, non-debt. If a person is not ready for obligations, then he chooses an open relationship – the only way to have what he wants, without promising anyone. If person wants to visit swingers club NYC or in other city, then he simply does it not reporting to anyone.

3. Independence. Often, loving people become attached to each other. If the relationship is broken, then the heart hurts much.

4. People get tired of constant connection with only one person. In order not to become attached to anyone, people choose an open relationship.

5. A variety in personal life. For those who want to try it with many partners, an open relationship is the only way out where no one will be offended for treason.

What do you need to be prepared for in an open relationship

If you chose open relationship way, be ready for such things:

1. Inability to create a marriage. If a person who actually has traditional views agrees to an open relationship, then he will suffer from his choice sooner or later. He will never get what he wants.

2. Special type of parenting. Any relationship between a man and a woman can result in children. If they are growing up in a couple that has an open relationship, then the child is likely to consider this the norm.

3. The pressure of society. Despite the democratic attitude that exists in society, people still have a negative attitude towards an open relationship and not everyone is normal to existing of swinger sites. When choosing such type of life, a person should be prepared for the fact that society will crush, condemn, whisper, etc.

4. Openness. Here you can’t hide from your partner that you spent the night with the first person you met after a party at the club. The basis of an open relationship is trust and honesty between the couple. Be prepared to talk about the details of your intimate encounters, if your partner wants it. Otherwise, sudden jealousy may erupt, which will result in an unwillingness to let the partner communicate with this or that person.

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