City’s emergency trails locator system receives state award

A total of 658 markers are installed every 1/8 mile on all City trails, including bike paths and hiking trails. Courtesy of the city of Santa Clarita
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The city of Santa Clarita recently received a state award for the implementation of its system that helps first responders locate trail users in an emergency. 

The Emergency Trails Locator System, which launched earlier this year, provides an easy way for trail users across Santa Clarita to convey their location via a network made up of 658 markers installed every one-eighth mile on all city trails, including bike paths and hiking trails. 

The California Emergency Services Association Southern Chapter honored the city with a certificate for the development and implementation of the locator system. 

“The thousands of acres of open space and nearly 90 miles of off-street trails provide residents with unparalleled amenities,” Jeff Morrison, the city’s project development coordinator for this project, said in a statement. “The Emergency Trails Locator System gives added peace of mind and enhances safety and security for residents and visitors alike.” 

In an emergency, trail users can dial 911 and give first responders the number of the nearest locator, which is used to pinpoint their location for a faster and more efficient response. 

In a previous interview, Morrison said the markers have also helped maintenance crews locate broken fences that need replacement and have been used by runners to help them track their mileage. 

For more information about the locator system, visit or email [email protected].

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