Top TV Series 2019: the Best News of American Directors


In 2019, foreign directors prepared many delicious novelties for fans of series. We talk about the most high-profile premieres: the academy of superheroes, the crash on the stock exchange and the film adaptation of the classics of world fiction. You can check more of the best news on biggmovienow website.

The Umbrella Academy

Another superhero series from Netflix. This time without Marvel. The literary basis of the Academy of Comics is the vocalist of the band My Chemical Romance Gerrard Bay. In the story, Sir Reginald Hargreaves (Tony Stark at maximum speed: Nobel laureate, Olympic champion, multimillionaire) opens a school for children with extraordinary abilities. Over the years, Umbrella Academy graduates will gather again for the mentor’s funeral. Only one of them will turn out to be not only a traitor but also a threat to the whole of humanity, for the defense of which Sir Hargreaves prepared his pupils.

The Witcher

Dozens or even hundreds of thousands are waiting for this series with bated breath, without exaggeration, the cult saga of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The main character is a witcher (read, a monster hunter) named Geralt. Having suffered a mutation in childhood, he himself became not quite human, having gained unprecedented strength, speed and ability to recover. With such talents, he gives light to any dishonesty for the elimination of which he will be paid. The gloomy world invented by science fiction writer Sapkovsky is literally teeming with witches, monsters and other ghouls. The creators of the series promise to take care of the original source and preserve not only the harsh spirit of books but also their Slavic aesthetics.

The Mandalorian

One of the most intriguing new products of 2019. The Star Wars universe continues to expand and is now threatening to take over television screens. The first sign will be a series about the adventures of a lone shooter in a distant, distant galaxy. Mandalorians are one of the most warlike peoples in the universe, excellent mercenaries. The most famous of them is Boba Fett. The name of the protagonist of the series is kept secret. But it is known that his role is played by Pedro Pascal, whose death in the Game of Thrones shocked the audience so much.


The main character of the series Victoria McQueen. As usual, the girl has a gift. She easily finds the missing things. Another character with abilities in the series is Charlie Manks. But unlike Victoria, he uses his powers not to help people, but rather. Charlie kidnaps young children and takes their souls, so he himself remains young. Of course, these two heroes will have to face their foreheads. Moreover, the price of the battle is the life of Victoria’s son. The script is based on the novel by American horror master Joe Hill, The Country of Christmas. Maybe the creators of the series take this name? The fact is that the current name is Manks’s car number.

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