Valencia couple embark on new business venture Timebomb Artworks

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A Valencia husband-and-wife team are gearing up to launch a small art business, Timebomb Artworks, dealing in custom-made items that range from home decor to clothing. 

Heath Hanchett, studio grip and artist, specializes in illustrating colorful images in different themes and motifs using traditional hand-sign painter techniques.

“I feel like my art has changed so much over the years — I’m all over the place. I’m not a guy who sticks to one motif. I constantly change what I’m doing or my style, and it’s not even on purpose. I’ll find inspiration that’s totally out of my realm.”

The steady-handed artist runs brushes dipped in a combination of materials over any surface including shoes, old saw blades and skulls.

Timebomb Artworks’ different methods also include 3-D art in which he cuts original designs out of plywood panels, stacking them into a single piece and topping it with colorful artwork.

“I really got into wood cutouts, where I’ll do a base and then cut out a scene and put it on top, you know, stack the art on top of each other,” said Heath.

The versatile artist started out around age 6, he said, coloring holiday supermarket competition pages at his mother’s urging.

Custom artwork made from a combination of woodcutting and painting designed by Heath Hanchett. Photo courtesy of Timebomb Artworks.

Heath recalled a moment from his past when an art teacher from Sierra Vista Junior High School marveled at his developing talents after he completed an in-class exercise.

“We had to find a picture in a magazine. And we would cut the picture of the magazine completely down the middle and glue it to a blank piece of paper to recreate the other side,” said Heath. “She was blown away. That’s my first memory and thinking, ‘Wow, I really like doing this.’”

Heath, 42, and married with five kids, has to plan and adhere to a schedule to ensure he has time to pursue his passions.

Mandy Hanchett, his wife, mother of their children and business partner, is now Heath’s source of motivation and way of keeping on track with orders and appearances. 

“I’m typically the one communicating with the event holder to plan and secure and get space,” said Mandy. “I do all the organization of his goods and price sheets.”

The duo is able to manage their business by working as a team, where Heath creates the products and Mandy handles clerical and administrative duties.

The Hanchetts were married in 2017, and soon after decided to launch their art business after Mandy realized Heath’s potential with his talents.

“I didn’t feel like he was putting himself out there,” said Mandy. “Being able to support him with my strengths is satisfying and makes me feel like I’m a part of what he does.” is scheduled to launch by 2020. For more information email [email protected].

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