Waste Management offers program to recycle your tree

Christmas tress can be recycled after the holiday season by Waste Management's curbside collection program. Pexels.
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According to the National Christmas Tree Association, around 25 to 30 million Christmas Trees are sold each year, but where do they all go after the holidays? 

In Santa Clarita, Waste Management conducts a curbside collection program where they collect and recycle trees after the holidays for the community. 

“Curbside collection makes it easy and convenient for people to be green,” said Mary Hartley, communications specialist at Waste Management. “Each holiday season, Santa Clarita residents recycle approximately 1,600 Christmas trees. At an average weight of 50 pounds per tree, that’s nearly 40 tons of organic waste being diverted from the landfill and put to beneficial reuse.” 

Trees will be collected on customers’ scheduled collection days between Dec. 23 and Jan. 11, according to the Waste Management news release. 

Residents who want to utilize the program should not place a fully decorated tree on the curbside. Be sure all decorations such as ornaments, tinsel, lights and tree stands are removed prior to setting it outside for collection. In addition, if the tree is taller than 6 feet, cut it in half to make collection easier. 

Residents living in multi-family communities should not place the trees within the bins — place them beside the bins. 

After the trees are collected, Waste Management will transfer them to The Conservation Station. 

“The Conservation Station chips and mulches them for beneficial reuse, such as dust and erosion control,” said Hartley. 

Waste Management offers additional tips to the community regarding how they can go green this holiday season.

“Our community members can do more than recycle their trees,” said Hartley, “including using newspaper and children’s artwork as wrapping paper, sending guests home with leftovers to avoid food waste and choosing zero-waste gifts, like concert tickets and e-certificates.”  

Residents are asked to check with their property manager if they are unsure about where to place their tree for collection.

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