3 Best Pet-Friendly Home Security Systems


If you have dogs, cats, or any pets, then you should have a pet-friendly system for your home’s security. Keep in mind that your pets are part of your family, too, and that you need to take care of them. Fortunately, several home security home systems offer high-end home security and are pet-friendly.

These systems offer pet-sensitive motion sensing that would avoid false alarms. Also, these home security options provide safe and convenient use for any pets wandering around your home. In this post, we’ve outlined three of the best pet-friendly home security systems available today. 


Vivint is primarily known for its wide variety of pet-friendly security apparatus, for instance, a security camera with motion sensor for pets. Also, they offer a home automation function that allows the homeowner to lock or unlock your home doors remotely for pet sitters. Vivint has advanced pet-friendly tools that could monitor smoke or fire and carbon monoxide, as well.

Moreover, Vivint home security is a high-end home security system company that has advanced technology focusing on home automation. What’s more, the equipment offered by Vivint is wireless, and every package they offer includes professional installation. Thus, a technician will connect your home security system to a robust landline or cellular network as an emergency component for coverage and monitoring.

Vivint has two monitoring plans and three equipment packages that require a four or five-year contract. Their top two-tier programs offer a pervasive high-end technology that supports home automation and video security with voice commands for hands-free control.

However, the downside of Vivint to consumers is its requirement. Vivint requires potential customers a credit score of 600. If you do not qualify, you can opt-in for their monitoring-only contracts. Another thing to keep in mind with Vivint is that it is one of only a few security companies that offer waivers for installation and other fees. Still, if you have a contract from different security companies or if you are a new customer, you can try and negotiate.


Simplisafe has pet-friendly security systems that have a higher weight range on their sensors than other home security systems have. The motion sensors can accommodate up to fifty pounds, whereas other home security options can only accommodate a range of 30-40 pounds. Overall, Simplisafe is one of the most trusted and safe pet-security systems in the market.

Several consumers do not want contracts and commitments, and if you are one of them, then you would love Simplisafe. Simplisafe is one of the few security systems that do not have a contract requirement. They are well-loved because they give the customer an option for a self-monitoring plan that is free of any charges or professional monitoring for a minimal monthly fee. Also, Simplisafe’s equipment is easy to install and works whether you opt for a plan or not.

The equipment packages offered by Simplisafe ranges from $229 up to $499 and comes with a three-year warranty. Aside from its incredible functions, the equipment is also user-friendly, portable, and is easy to install. Simplisafe also has a unique way of getting consumer’s trust by letting them try it for sixty days, and if for any reason the user is not satisfied, they can return the equipment for a full refund.


Frontpoint is a famous home security brand that has motion detectors that can accommodate pets up to forty pounds. Their pet-friendly alarm systems also offer 24/7 environmental sensors for flood, carbon monoxide, and fire or smoke. The sensor sends alerts once such activity is detected. The Frontpoint home security system also has home automation and video monitoring that lets you rest, particularly while you’re on vacation.

Frontpoint has been recently rated as one of the best home security companies for emergency monitoring. Although even with these fantastic features Frontpoint offers, it is still not an option for pet owners who have pets weighing more than forty pounds. However, for small pets, they have competitive prices, generous equipment packages, and easy to install apparatuses. Additionally, they have a 24/7 customer service that offers exceptional service than most home security companies.

Frontpoint offers three equipment packages that range from $199 up to $350. They also come with three monitoring plans with a year or three-year contract, and a customized package where you can choose the components of the package that you prefer. The Frontpoint’s equipment is all Do-It-Yourself and is very easy to set up.


Home security systems are vital in making sure your household is protected at its highest rate. There are several home security systems in the market, but only a few are considered pet-friendly. Choose the best home security that covers what you need to protect your whole household, including your pet.

Our pets are considered part of our family, and if you want a safe yet pet-friendly home security take the home security options mentioned in this article in mind.

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