The Titans Collide With The Ravens: A Super Bowl 54 Drama We Must Expect

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The 2020 NFL playoffs last week is as exciting as previous season since, for the second straight year, it has produced wild card winners that every fan does not expect to win. The Tennessee Titans have finally proven their worth as they are the “Comeback Player of the Year,” clinching a spot in the Super Bowl quarterfinals.

Not only that, but the Baltimore Ravens are also on the line to be the best prospect team that might win the Super Bowl 54 crown. According to some reports, the Ravens has the best field strategy. That’s why they were able to showcase a convincing performance in the playoffs. Now that the Ravens are a step closer to the finals, can they slay a consistent performance?

For the first time, the Ravens will face the Titans. The football community has never expected this match-up as the Patriots are their leading rival team, to begin with. It’s worth mentioning that there’s a lot of storylines and drama that took place during the wildcard edition too, wherein the Pats failed to advance in the quarterfinals.

With all these happenings, the first match-up for the 2020 NFL finals is between the Ravens and the Titans. It will surely come as exciting since the wildcard winner clashes with the favorite NFL team today. So, before these teams battle out for a spot in the Super Bowl semis, here are the significant events we can expect to happen when they collide.

The Ground Attacks

The Super Bowl lines are glaring as both the Titans and the Ravens have generated odds value that’s worth wagering. Many bettors are looking forward to this match-up since, as mentioned, both teams will meet and takes a once in a lifetime chance of advancing to the semis for the first time. Surely, betting both teams can give you a substantial profit if you win.

One of the reasons why this match-up is perfect is because both teams can perform excellently in their attacks. The Titans ranked as the third-best attacker team averaging around 104.5 yds/game. On the other hand, the Ravens are the top team when it comes to ground attacks averaging 200yds/game.

Although they both differ in percentage attacks, you see, their numbers don’t get far. Both teams only need to set different attack goals at the start of the game. If the Ravens can set first before the Titans, the latter team must hustle harder to make sure that they won’t get left behind. Also, if the Ravens can set an early defense against the Titans, they might be able to get a spot in the semis effortlessly.

Lamar Jackson Has Something To Say

After Tom Brady’s failure to reach the quarterfinals, Lamar Jackson takes that spotlight for the most talked about player in the 2020 NFL season. In some reports, Lamat Jackson was not a favorite player because most critics didn’t like his style of playing. Many said that he wouldn’t be able to get into the finals and might lose the playoff season.

While these rumors continued to buzz around, he has proven that all his haters were wrong. The Ravens faced the Los Angeles Chargers in the playoffs, and they came out victorious. Jackson was not doing so great at the start of the game until the last second, where he did a heroic pass that led his team to defeat the Chargers.

Aside from that, Jackson might become one of the nominees for the Super Bowl 54 MVP this year. It is because he had successfully defeated the Seahawks’ Russel Wilson, Patriot’s Deshaun Watson, and Tom Brady. Besides, the Hard Rock Stadium is said to be Jackson’s comfort zone, where the Titans should be aware of this as they might end their season only in 2020 NFL quarterfinals.

Ravens Has More Advantages

The main advantage that the Ravens has against the Titans was rest time. The Titans have recently survived a tough match during the wildcard edition and not have enough time to rest and train. On the other hand, the Ravens were off for a week, and they were able to rest appropriately.

The Ravens got an excellent defensive game plan compared to the Titans, as well. Their attacks are much more coherent compared to their Rivals. If the Ravens can perform very well and show off an outstanding performance, then a slot for the semis is open for them to take.


With the Ravens and the Titans opening the 2020 NFL quarterfinal rounds next week, the Super Bowl 54 will again be the talk of the town. These two teams are capable of outlasting each other, even if the Titans cover the underdog team. They have to hustle very hard to make sure they won’t get left behind. So, which team do you think will win? The decision is yours to take.

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