Ways to Find and Keep General Labor Jobs Toronto


Every day, more than half a million workers in Toronto head to work in general labor jobs Toronto. These workers range from medical assistants, construction workers, accountants and engineers. Thanks to the flexibility that comes with general labor jobs, more and more people prefer temp jobs than permanent ones. And with many companies ending millions of permanent jobs, recruitment industry experts say that they are accepting more and more temp workers to fill the positions left.

Many job seekers are now using job agencies to look for work. It is no longer the norm where general labor jobs Toronto were considered the thing for the less skilled. Nowadays, even professionals prefer temp jobs. For instance, this year, managerial and professional positions occupied more than fifty percent of the temp jobs. The payouts for the temp job might not be appealing as in permanent job, but it pays to be a temp worker. Depending on your profession, your hourly rate can go as high as $120. Whether you don’t find perm job appealing and you want to quit, or you have been unemployed for a while, and you want to get into the temp workforce, this guide will help you find and keep your temp job.

1. Aim At The Right Agencies.

You don’t have to go through every agency in Toronto. Do your homework and choose the right temp agencies Toronto that offer jobs that are in line with your expertise.

There are thousands of job agencies Toronto and failing to aim at one particular niche would leave you scouting on websites without any breakthrough. You want to limit your search as narrow as possible. For instance, if you are looking for general labor jobs Toronto, you want to narrow your search to ‘general labor jobs’, and your search is more likely to give you specific agencies that offer jobs in that category. From there, your search would be easier.

In choosing the agencies, one best way to select the right one is talking with the workers who go their work through the agency. You want to know more about their experiences and whether they can recommend the company to you.

2. Tweak Your Resume.

Since general labor jobs are goal-oriented and need workers as soon as possible, temp agencies Toronto normally don’t have time to read a bomb-blast resume with an un-ending chronology of your achievements and qualifications. Instead, they are interested in getting a glimpse of your main accomplishments and skill set.

So those are things you need to include in your resume, and you would be surprised how fast you will get absorbed in the job market.

3. Be Honest About What You Need To Be Paid.

There are many factors that affect general labor jobs Toronto wages. Some of the factors have to do with your experience, prevailing market factors, location etc.

When quoting your salary expectation, don’t act desperate and show them you can take anything. Do your maths and know what you expect and tell them. With that, the company would be able to assign you the task that fits your salary expectation.

The worst thing you can do to disappoint your recruiter is accepting the job, and after a week you call to say you cannot continue since the pay is too low. Generally, temp agencies Toronto charge higher rates to their client companies than you charge them. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t get competitive rates. Remember that the charges charged by the temp agency cover other expenses such as the administrative expenses, overheads and profits etc. after all the expense have been paid, the company usually remains with four or five percent.

4. Take Advantage Of Training.

While there are basic skills that are expected from you in general labor jobs Toronto such as meeting the deadlines and reporting to the workplace early, there are more offers provided by the company in the form of training. These are opportunities that you shouldn’t let them slip off your fingers. You can acquire more skills such as new database skills, how to operate new machines, accounting skills etc.

Apart from these on-site job training, most companies provide free access to online courses and workshops that you can take advantage of to grow your skills in leadership, software applications, communications etc.

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