A new president for the SCV Bar Association

Taylor F. Williams, a partner at Donahoe & Young LLP, has steadily grown her involvement in the SCV Bar Association of the last few years, and was recently named president. PHOTO COURTESY DONAHOE & YOUNG

As a lawyer, no two days are the same, which is exactly why Taylor F. Williams, a partner at Donahoe & Young LLP, loves her job as much as she does. 

“I really like not sitting behind my desk every day — every day is different,” she said.

It’s no surprise that Williams also enjoys getting out into the community and meeting people, which also explains why she’s looking forward to her new position as the president of the Santa Clarita Valley Bar Association.

“One thing I hope is that I can really connect to the community,” she said regarding her role.

Williams worked for a small firm before joining Donahoe & Young in September of 2012, where she now primarily does probate and trust litigation, as well as real estate litigation.

Though being a part of the SCV Bar Association was not a decision she made on her own, it didn’t take long for Williams to realize the benefits.

“Donahoe & Young are pretty adamant that all their lawyers are members, so when I joined, I really didn’t have a choice, but as time went on, I came to find out it’s actually great to meet people and network,” she said. 

Once she found herself on the board, it quickly began the ball rolling toward her term as president. After spending about three years as a member-at-large, she became secretary, then president-elect. 

“She’s young and she’s energetic, but she’s really a wonderful lawyer and just a great person,” immediate past-president Claudia McDowell said. “She has a lot of vision for the Bar Association, and the Bar is now 15 years old, and the founding members are getting ready to retire; so it’s nice to have some new blood who can carry the on growing the organization.” 

Now, Williams will spend the next two years as president of the association, where she — similarly to that of past presidents — hopes to continue to find new ways to help the community and increase membership.

“We’re always trying to find a way to help those less fortunate in the community with community outreach programs, but also by helping people that can’t necessarily afford an attorney as easily,” she said, adding that she hopes to give them access to more resources in the legal community. “The more people I have to refer that person to, the more likely that person will get help.” 

In addition to the association’s annual toy drive and speech competitions, in which the winners are awarded scholarships, they also do a backpack drive. “It’s not only for little kids, but College of the Canyons students too, where we give them a notebook, pens and backpack to carry them in.”  

As the new year kicks off, Williams said she’s looking forward to the next two years. 

“It’s always a running joke on who’s going to be president next, but it just made sense because I know everybody,” she said, adding that she’s made great friendships. “But, I really just like the people on the Bar Association — we’re like a little family. It’s a small organization, but a tight-knit one.” ν

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