City Council to discuss medical building project’s final map

Santa Clarita City Hall is located on the 23900 block of Valencia Blvd. File photo

The discussion for a proposed Orchard Village medical building development returns to City Hall on Tuesday as the City Council is expected to vote on the project’s final parcel map.

The City Council will have to vote Tuesday whether to approve the final parcel map, which “has been reviewed by the city of Santa Clarita staff and found to be in substantial conformance with the principles and standards required by the Unified Development Code and State Subdivision Map Act,” according to a city staff report. 

The project, sought by OVMB LLC, consists of a two-story, 41,244-square-foot medical office building and site improvements, more than 200 parking spaces and 16,700 square feet of landscaped area on a 2.76-acre site at the northwest corner of Orchard Village Road and Wiley Canyon Road. 

The building once housed Pinecrest School and later the Albert Einstein for Letters, Arts and Sciences charter school. The campus remained vacant for about a year until it was demolished and prepped for the new development May 17. 

In June, the Santa Clarita Planning Commission approved a tentative parcel map that included the merger of two existing parcels into a single parcel and the creation of 30 airspace condominium units, meaning units whose boundaries often include the interior floors and unfinished surfaces of its perimeter walls. 

When considering their vote, planning commissioners heard in June from several residents opposing the project over concerns of possible increased traffic and noise as a result of building a medical office building in a residential area. 

Residents also expressed concern over no public hearing surrounding the proposal, to which Associate Planner Mike Marshall said such a project did not require one because it fell “within certain parameters” and could “be approved by the director at an administrative level.” 

City Communications Manager Carrie Lujan said Monday she had not heard about any new concerns surrounding the project. 

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