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CSGO Guide: How to Become a Global Elite Player


We’re sure that CSGO enthusiasts or fans frequently watch streaming broadcasts by top players on Twitch. Many of them enter the game and try playing equally well after that. Still, reality is not as simple as it seems to be when you see a lucky replay or watch CSGO streams. Things get a lot more complicated in real matches.

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That is why we decided to describe a certain training system for CS GO players. If you plan to go in for the highest matchmaking rank – Global Elite – and then to play like Natus Vincere CSGO professionals, then this article is for you.

Well… Go, go, go!

CSGO: Way to Global Elite

We’ll start with the most important note: if you came here hoping to find a magic phrase able to change your gaming life and turn you into a CSGO Global Elite player, you are wrong. Global Elite is the highest rank in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. To get and hold it, you need to work on yourself and your playstyle a lot. So, nothing comes “just because” either in this article or in CS battlefields. Charge yourself up and let’s roll!


To take the Global Elite rank in CSGO, you’ll need much time and training. Don’t forget that it’s impossible to get serious results quickly. Only people obsessed with their idea can reach success, and you are not an exclusion. Reaching the Global Elite rank does not only give you the reason to brag before friends. It is also your way into the world of esports that can make you rich and famous. We think these are solid arguments to start treating your goal seriously.


Every defeat is experience, that’s the point. When you lose and then work on your mistakes, it means you become better and more experienced. Work on your mistakes all the time and perceive them as free recommendations. Only gamers able to get good points from negative gaming moments can become CSGO Global Elite players.

Physical Condition

It is perfect if you go in for sports. At least, don’t play when you’re drunk or after the party night. Your physical condition determines your reaction. For your reaction to be fast, you should be bond, sober, and well-shaped.

Mental Condition

Things are more complicated here. To maintain normal physical condition, it is enough to sleep well, refuse alcohol and do exercises. Mental condition is different. If you had not enough warmup, rushed to start playing MM and then started dying in every round, you start raging. Anger is the first enemy of concentration. We mean, your reflexes may become faster but your healthy mind disappears. You stop thinking and make a lot of mistakes. To become a Global Elite in CSGO you need to control your emotions.

Time Management

To make your learning process productive, you need to play CS GO regularly. More means better. Still, it is important not only to play a lot but to play effectively, improve your weaknesses, analyze your game, learn mechanics, etc. It’s the only opportunity to make your way to Global Elite shorter and more pleasant. If you distribute your time correctly, your learning process will also be fast.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Define your strengths and weaknesses precisely. Many global elite players have their features. Someone is incredibly accurate with the AWP, while the other one destroys enemies in close quarter contacts with a pistol and has lightning-speed reaction. Be proud of your best features, and always work on your weak points.


Here we switch to in-game basis. Aiming is the most important thing in CSGO. If you can’t shoot accurately, all the tips above and below become useless. That’s the most complicated gameplay element in Counter-Strike. Many pro players still have difficulties with aiming, they can aim quickly and perfectly but think for too long and can’t take a shot on time. So, as the future Global Elite player, you should never forget that your aiming is the ground of all other skills.

Crosshair Positioning

The main point is to keep the crosshair at the level of enemy heads. No matter how difficult it seems to be, keep up to this rule strictly.

Firing Mode

Shooting tactics is the critical moment every global elite CS GO player should train. You can shoot in bursts, 3 bullets, 2 or 1 with certain timings. Every method is fine. Choose one which seems comfortable to you and train it. You can watch streams by pro players and copy their tactics, nobody forbids that.

Bullet Spray

Equip every available weapon in CS GO, aim it on the wall and shoot out all bullets in the magazine. Then learn where the second, third, tenth round goes. You need to know how spray works in every weapon you use. There will frequently happen in-game situations and clutches when you’ll have to keep the LMB pressed and spray out the entire magazine. You should know where to aim at those moments to hit the enemy accurately.

Training Maps

Those are top possibilities for training and warmups. They are very important for a player who wats to become a Global Elite in CS GO. Here are some of such maps:

  • Aim Botz
  • Recoil Master
  • Training_aim_csgo2_dark

Before going to MM’s, take 500 to 1000 frags on one of those maps to warm yourself up and keep your stats at the highest possible level. Don’t forget to train with different weapons. Don’t concentrate on AWP or AK-47 only, but think about all guns you use.

Other In-Game Moments

Molotov, Smoke Grenades, HE’s and Flashbangs

They seemed to be lesser details you used rarely. Nevertheless, grenades are obligatory parts of the playstyle if you want to reach Global Elite in CSGO. It’s difficult to describe grenades through the text. Check this YouTube video to find out a lot on the topic instead.

Game Replays

You should always watch your replays, find mistakes and think how you could probably behave in various situations. When avoiding to check replays, players can’t be aware of their mistakes and fix them. Additionally, don’t forget to watch games by pro players to see how they behave, tactics they use, etc. That will help you adjust your playstyle.


A Global Elite never stops in one place. That may sound like a motivational quote, but it refers to the gameplay directly. You need to move. A player standing in one point for long is the best target. Learn to move at once, from the first seconds of the round.

To Conclude

Nobody can turn into a CSGO Global Elite player at once. That rank means self-improvement. And it is also a great perspective, so try perceiving it as an investment. Never give up and improve your CSGO skill, and you’ll win your Major one day.

Good luck. See you soon!

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