Valencia dog to participate in Hallmark rescue dog show

Brutus the catahoula leopard dog, is participating in the "American Rescue Dog Show" to compete for the Best in Snoring category. Bobby Block/ The Signal

Brutus, the catahoula leopard dog, is participating in the third annual “American Rescue Dog Show” that will be televised on the Hallmark channel Sunday and Monday, to compete for the Best in Snoring category.

After a long day of hiking with his dog parents or playing with other dogs, Brutus can be found on his couch in a deep sleep. When Brutus is sleeping, it is no secret since his monstrous snoring could be heard from outside the room. 

Brutus was rescued from Sunny Day Acres in January of 2019. Bobby Block/ The Signal

“When he is really sleepy, I can pose him,” said Kelly Ann Baldi, his owner. “He’s also been known to fall off of the couch in a deep sleep.” 

Despite Brutus being 90 pounds, Baldi takes him everywhere. 

“My family and I have always been animal lovers,” said Baldi. “We always have more dogs than people.” 

In November, Baldi nominated Brutus in two categories: Best Couch Potato and Best in Snoring. 

“It was funny because I was going for couch potato, but decided last-minute to do snoring as well,” said Baldi. “Thank goodness I did.” 

When Brutus is in a deep sleep, he lets out a series of mighty snores. Courtesy of Kelly Ann Baldi.

The “American Rescue Dog Show” is a dog competition made up solely of rescue dogs. Every dog that competes has been rescued. This dog show is the first of its kind to shine the spotlight on rescue dogs, said the “American Rescue Dog Show” website. 

“I just wanted everyone to see how great a rescue dog can be and a lot of people have never heard of a catahoula leopard dog, and with his unique colors and big personality, everybody is always drawn to him,” said Baldi. 

Baldi first laid her eyes on Brutus when her friend, who owns Sunny Day Acres, sent her a video of Brutus running and playing with his siblings. She was instantly drawn to him. 

Brutus and his owner, Kelly Ann Baldi, will be featured on Hallmark’s American Rescue Dog Show on Feb. 16 and 17. Bobby Block/ The Signal

Two years before adopting Brutus, Baldi’s dog Zena died and Baldi never thought of getting another dog until she saw the video of Brutus. 

“Brutus picked me as much as I picked him,” said Baldi. “(When we first met) I sat on the ground and Brutus immediately looked at me and ran to me to jump in my lap.”  

A year later, Baldi would be preparing Brutus to show off his snoring ability for a cash prize. 

Currently, on the dog show’s website front page, Brutus is featured alongside three other dog contestants. 

Brutus, along with three other contestants, is featured on the American Rescue Dog Show’s website. American Rescue Dog Show website.

“I knew he would do great on the show because he loves to be out and about and is very social,” said Baldi. “I loved meeting all the other dogs and owners (because) you could tell everyone on the show really loves their job and loves working with dogs.” 

Viewers can watch Brutus compete Sunday and Monday on the Hallmark channel at 8 p.m.

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