First coronavirus-related death in L.A. County

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Los Angeles County Public Health officials reported the county’s first coronavirus-related death on Wednesday. 

“We are reporting our first death here in L.A. County,” said Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer. “This was a woman, who was over 60, and she was not a resident here in L.A. County.” 

The woman was in Los Angeles County to visit friends and had travelled extensively over the past month. This travel included a long layover in South Korea, according to Ferrer. County officials are not revealing where any of the reported cases have been discovered.

Health officials noted that the cases so far have been “scattered” throughout all five districts in L.A. County. As of Wednesday afternoon, there were no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Santa Clarita Valley. 

“We’re also reporting six additional positive cases,” said Ferrer. “The total confirmed cases for L.A. County are the 24 cases we reported and three cases that were announced by the Long Beach Public Health Department.” 

“Do your part to help take care of those people who are most vulnerable,” said Ferrer. “If you are sick, it is more important than ever that you are not exposing other people to your illness.” 

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