Second positive test for COVID-19 confirmed

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The second positive test for the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, has been confirmed by Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital officials Saturday morning. 

“We do have a second positive (case),” said Patrick Moody, spokesman for Henry Mayo. “Same as before, the patient is not here.” 

On Friday, Henry Mayo confirmed its first case of COVID-19, but the patient had been sent home to self-quarantine. 

As of Saturday afternoon, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has confirmed a total of 53 confirmed cases of the virus in LA County, according to a Public Health news release posted Saturday.

“If a patient qualifies for testing and is tested and doesn’t have any symptoms that would require hospitalization, then they will be sent home to self-quarantine,” Moody said, referring to procedures on the hospital’s website.

Below is a copy of the hospital’s coronavirus procedures as listed on

How is Henry Mayo Prepared To Handle the Coronavirus?

We have procedures in place to screen patients and visitors who show signs or symptoms of the Coronavirus and who have a history that would indicate they are at risk of the disease.

If such a person is identified, they would be isolated and evaluated for their eligibility for a Coronavirus test. If they are not deemed eligible to be tested then the person will be sent home with appropriate instructions.

If they are deemed eligible to be tested then a test will be administered. If the person tested is not seriously ill, then he or she would be sent home and asked to self-quarantine until the test results come in.

If the test results come back positive and the person is still relatively healthy, then that person would be asked to continue to self-quarantine. (Please note that it generally takes two to six days to get COVID-19 test results.) If the person is not well enough to go home and requires admission to the hospital, then we will treat them appropriately in an isolated room.

For questions about our infection control procedures, call 661.200.1302, or send an e-mail to [email protected].

To contact the Los Angeles Department of Health, call 213.240.7941.

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