Local financial company offers community support


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to present new financial challenges for many Santa Clarita Valley business owners and workers alike, it can be difficult to wade through the financial options available to you.

That’s why the financial team at Primerica in Stevenson Ranch is offering to help with a free 30-minute Zoom financial strategy session, for small business owners, families and individuals.

“In the best of times, most people struggle at some level when it comes to their finances, whether it’s debt, planning, retirement or savings,” said Bret Siers, senior vice president at Primerica.

As a number of workers face unemployment, there is a tremendous amount of emotional chaos that comes with it, Siers added.

“They aren’t sure what’s going to happen, and they’re sort of stuck in the middle,” he said. “Now, they are going to have to figure out how they’re going to manage this… so what we’re trying to do is say, ‘OK, let’s talk through this.’”

Siers believes it’s always a good practice to say your plan out loud to someone who’s not emotionally invested in it.

“We want to be an ear, and we want to ask three or four questions that maybe you haven’t thought of before,” he added. “We’re going to support people in whatever choices they make, but at least ensure they know why they’re doing it and what their options are.”

Each session includes a review of budget, debt, insurance and investment allocations, as well as the number of federal, state and local financial relief resources available.

“It’s important, even in chaos, to try to figure out some version of a plan,” Siers said. “When stress increases, creativity decreases, so we start narrowing our options just because of anxiety. And really, the best thing we can do is figure out a way to see the whole field and try to see what’s really out there.”

For more information, contact Bret Siers at [email protected].

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