Local residents sit down with President Trump

Carl and Jeri Goldman (left) sit with President Donald Trump during a sit down with former Coronavirus patients who have fully recuperated from the illness. Photo courtesy of the White House

During a session held in front of members of the media, a number of COVID-19 survivors sat down with President Donald Trump, and Santa Clarita residents Carl and Jeri Goldman were among them.

The Goldmans, owners of radio station KHTS, were invited to the White House to share their testimony about being trapped on the Diamond Princess off the coast of Japan, which was quarantined in the port of Yokohama on Feb. 3.

“It was like we were on a floating petri dish,” said Carl when responding to a question from Trump. “We’re watching the bodies get off daily into an ambulance, taken out one by one.”

When asked by Trump why Jeri did not catch the virus although she was locked in a suite with Carl, who later tested positive, she said she didn’t know why.

“They just started to do a study of (both of us) hoping to create a vaccination,” said Jeri.

Both Goldmans thanked the administration for helping them return from Japan. Carl recovered from COVID-19 after a number of weeks in a quarantine facility in Nebraska before returning home to Santa Clarita.

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