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By The Signal Editorial Board

Between now and May 12, voters in the Santa Clarita Valley and the rest of California’s 25th Congressional District have an important choice to make, as they select a representative who will fill the remainder of the term of former Rep. Katie Hill. The winner of the May 12 election will, in turn, run in the November general election as the incumbent.

We’re endorsing Republican Mike Garcia — for both elections.

And this isn’t so much an endorsement “against” his opponent, Democratic Assemblywoman Christy Smith. We have a great degree of respect for Smith and her record of service to this community. This is, rather, an endorsement “for” Mike Garcia — the candidate whose political views are much more closely aligned with ours.

Too often these days — and indeed, even in this campaign — it seems one side feels as if it has to tear down the other in order to succeed. We’re not here to tear down. We’re here to build up the promise of success for the 25th Congressional District in general and the SCV in particular, and we believe Garcia is the candidate best suited to do that.

Garcia is a Saugus High School graduate who lives in Santa Clarita with his wife and two sons. He’s a first-generation American and a highly decorated former Navy fighter pilot who served for 20 years and flew more than 30 combat missions. 

Subsequent to his military service, he became a well-respected executive in the aerospace industry. His track record of service and leadership, all outside the political realm, render him more than qualified — and he recognizes “service” is just that, as he advocates term limits to protect America from the malaise that grows from having career politicians entrenched in Washington.

Garcia advocates a strong military, and his service background coupled with his experience in aerospace as a Raytheon executive have given him a valuable base of knowledge as he seeks to represent a district where the military and the aerospace industry are key employers. His business leadership experience also positions him well to serve in a leadership role as the district and the nation get to work on rebuilding an economy devastated by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

If anyone understands the American dream, Garcia does. 

Somewhere along the way, the so-called progressive movement hijacked immigration as an acid test for one’s humanity. Sacramento’s Democratic supermajority and Gov. Gavin Newsom seek to reward law-breakers at every turn, including steps to give illegal immigrants free health care — on the taxpayer’s dime — and an extra $75 million in coronavirus relief. The Democrats are betting, with your money, that the illegal immigrants will someday repay the favor at the polls. 

Garcia understands this is morally wrong. And he comes at it from the perspective of a first-generation American, whose father immigrated from Mexico in 1959 — and did so legally, working hard and playing by the rules to build a successful life here.

Garcia understands, unlike most Democrats, that measures to secure our borders and protect taxpayers from the burden of illegal immigration isn’t anti-immigration. It’s anti-illegal immigration.

He supports border security, including the wall protection advocated by President Donald Trump, and giving border agents the technology and tools they need to protect our borders.

Garcia has been endorsed by Trump as well as all five mayors of the major cities within the 25th Congressional District and Michael Antonovich, the longtime L.A. County supervisor representing the SCV and the rest of the county’s 5th District.

The 25th Congressional District will be best represented by a pro-business, pro-taxpayer, pro-Constitution, tough-on-crime leader who believes in freedom, not socialism, and will work to keep our nation safe, lower taxes and grow the economy. 

That’s Mike Garcia. He represents our values, and we believe those are the values of the majority of the citizens in the 25th District. He has our wholehearted endorsement for the May 12 special election, and for the general election in the fall, too.

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