Winter storm heads for Santa Clarita, chance of snow on the Grapevine

A woman walk in the Wiley Canyon Road cross walk as she crosses Lyons Avenue in the rain on Saturday, March 14, 2020. Dan Watson/The signal

A winter storm is headed for Santa Clarita next week with the largest amount of rainfall coming Sunday night through Monday.

There’s a chance for snow as low as 4,000 feet, which includes the Grapevine, according to officials at the National Weather Service.

“The real bulk of the rain will be for that Sunday and Monday time period,” said Lisa Phillips, a NWS meteorologist. “Santa Clarita looks like it’s going to have one and half to two inches of rainfall with that storm.”

Phillips added there’s a chance of intermittent showers until Thursday and a chance of thunderstorms on Tuesday, as well.

“That means that if a certain area gets thunderstorms, there will be more impactful weather,” said Philips. “But since it’s harder to predict where those storm cells, if we get them, will form, and how much rainfall you’ll get with those, it is a lot more uncertain.”

Phillips said a winter storm watch was in effect for the mountains surrounding the Santa Clarita Valley, with winds possibly reaching as high as 45 mph.

Phillips said snowfall could be a part of the storm for those higher elevations, above 4,000 feet, which could affect mountain pass roadways.

“Looks like some unsettled weather moving in for the next week,” Phillips said.

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