ERGO Styling Tools donates hand sanitizer to nonprofits

ERGO Styling Tools CEO Robert Reed poses with a bottle of In Between hand sanitizer. Courtesy

Valencia-based ERGO Styling Tools, a professional salon products supply company, donated 1,400 bottles of hand sanitizer to NAEIR, a gifts-in-kind nonprofit.

The donation came from the company’s supply of In Between hand sanitizer, which comes in a 16-ounce bottle and contains a 62% alcohol waterless soap, according to ERGO CEO Robert Reed.

“We’ve always been a proponent of professionalism, and professionalism means not only being at your best in terms of technical ability … but also to make sure that that oasis is, in fact, an oasis that’s perfectly clean,” Reed said.

While health guidelines in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic have called for increased hand washing, sanitation has always been at the forefront for stylists, as guidelines call for them to wash their hands between each customer, Reed added.

ERGO Research developed In Between hand sanitizer to help stylists better meet salon guidelines by doing so quickly and effectively.

“We decided to contribute our entire inventory,” Reed said. “Donating In Between is our way of helping even more people stay healthy by staying clean.”

Valued at $11,000, the donations of In Between hand sanitizer are expected to be distributed to schools, churches and nonprofits in need nationwide.

In addition, ERGO has donated to a number of COVID-19 disaster relief funds. “We have the ability, we have the resources, so this is a time that we need to step forward,” Reed added.

Now, ERGO is focusing on researching how the business fundamentals for stylists will be changing, helping them understand the new protocols that people would be expecting, Reed added.

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