Robert Lamoureaux: Spalling due to old age of concrete

Robert Lamoureux
Robert Lamoureux

Question No. 1

Happy Memorial Day, Robert. I have read your column for quite a few years now and have written to you previously. You were kind enough to send me a mug that I still have!

I am having another issue with our concrete in the front and I am hoping you might have a suggestion or two. I have attached a few pictures for you to see. Our home is now 22 years old and faces west so it gets that brutal hot sun in the summer.

Spalling has caused the discoloration of this SCV resident’s steps, according to contracting expert Robert Lamoureaux.
Courtesy photo

The concrete on the patio and the stains on the steps could sure use help. The stains are from pots that previously sat there but have no idea about the rust. Any ideas you might have would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

— Sandie A.

Answer No. 1

Thank you for writing in again. Unfortunately, the cream has pulled away from the surface, a condition called spalling.
This is all due to old age.

You can do an overlay of concrete and/or demo and replace the entire area. The overlay will run around $8 per square foot and they can do stamp designs in it along with color, and it makes it look like stamped concrete.

The only problem with the stamp Crete is it will not last forever.
If water is introduced to any concrete daily, it will eventually fail in the area of the daily water. Sorry it is not on a brighter note.
— Robert

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