Common Recommendations How to Create SEO Articles


This content is usually created to increase the webpage ranking. This is the key purpose why SEO articles differ from the ordinary ones: they are published not just for customers but also for query engines so that the webpage is successfully ranked and occupies a leading place in the results.

To get into the leaders, the article on the website should meet the below requirements:

  • be understandable, unique and easy to read;
  •  contain complete, reliable and useful info for the target audience;
  • be literate, without stylistic and spelling mistakes;
  • have a clear structure;
  •  be long enough (about 2000-2500 characters);
  •  contain the desired anchors, meta tags and headlines in sufficient quantities.

Then, specialists proceed to advertising by using various services, as for example, Linklifting, which also has a positive impact on the final outcome.

How to Create SEO Texts

Every single writing has to begin by searching for appropriate themes. Whether the webpage is profitable, then a semantic core is created of all requests relevant for promotion. Then semantics are clustered to select those anchors that will be promoted on one webpage.

If a topic has been selected, it is time to proceed to the preparation of a technical task that has to indicate anchors, the average volume of the future article, and other content requirements.

In the end, the article must pass the test for uniqueness, the word frequency and other important criteria for the optimization. You can receive this data in any of the online anti-plagiarism services and content analyzers. The originality of the article should be from 80% and higher.

Promotion of the Article

After the creation and publishing of the article, it is necessary to make proper advertising, the task of which is to attract the potential buyers in other resources. For this purpose, the below platforms are commonly used:

  1.  Social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,etc.;
  2. Thematic websites, blogs, and forums;
  3. Posting a video about a material on YouTube;
  4.  Email and push notifications to subscribers about a fresh publication.

The use of various channels at the same time will give maximum attention to the publication. Sometime after the advertising of the material, you have to check the efficiency of it by using various lookup services, like Google Analytics.

Thoroughly check-up the number of views, their average duration of the visit, bounce rate, and percentage of exits. Ideally, the 2 indicators should be high, while the last 2 should be as low as possible.

In Conclusion

It is necessary to begin creating an article by selecting a topic relevant to the clients. The material should be written for regular readers, but you should also pay attention to the logic of the search ranking. Having published the text, it is time to promote it on different channels. These are the key ideas of optimization you need to take into account.

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