Loan Depot team fitness challenges benefits Boys & Girls Club of the Santa Clarita Valley

A “30-day quarantine fitness challenge” raised more than $9,000, more than twice the $4,500 pledged by team Shanin at Loan Depot for the local Boys & Girls Club of the Santa Clarita Valley. Courtesy photo

Alex Shahin and Team Shahin at Loan Depot created a “30-day quarantine fitness challenge” and pledged $4,500 to the Boys and Girls Club of the Santa Clarita Valley against the weight loss efforts of the team. 

“They know that the transformation of each participant equals a transformation to the club and our community,” said a statement from Team Shahin regarding the fundraiser. “Help us band together with active, caring community members as they push themselves to make a difference in not only themselves but in the lives of those that count on the efforts and intentions of the Boys and Girls Club.”

The team’s pledge plus contributions from participants netted a total donation of $9,163, which was presented to the club on Saturday at Central Park.

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