Planning Commission seeks additional information about Saugus housing project

Santa Clarita City Hall, as pictured on Feb. 26.
Santa Clarita City Hall, as pictured on Feb. 26. Watson/The Signal

Santa Clarita planning commissioners are looking to receive additional information and community feedback on a proposed 74.66-acre housing project in Saugus, after citing potential traffic concerns. 

Developer Bouquet Canyon Project Owner LLC’s housing proposal consists of 375 attached and detached two-story, for-sale homes with related infrastructure, dedicated open space areas, trails and recreation areas, according to the city agenda report.  

The project site, on approximately 75 acres of undeveloped land, is located in Saugus on the east side of Bouquet Canyon Road and south of Copper Hill Drive. The proposal also suggests closing off a section of Bouquet Canyon Road, between Pam Court and Hob Court, as well as the construction of a new alignment of the road.

Closing a portion of Bouquet Canyon Road raised concern with Commissioner Renee Berlin, who asked, “How would evacuation work when you have the two-lane section on Bouquet? We’re going from a four-lane section on Bouquet into a two-lane section and the fire engines are going to try and come down. I just want to make sure we will have sufficient evacuation.” 

Berlin also asked about the traffic flow and the potential for residents in the area to seek other routes that could increase traffic as the project proposes no left turns on David Way to Bouquet Canyon Road. 

“You solved the problem on Benz Road but now you have, if I lived there, I would go down Calhaven (Drive) to Kathleen Avenue because there’s actually a traffic light there. Can we do some traffic calming in that area?” she asked.

“It’s hard to say now exactly how traffic is going to redistribute,” said Senior Traffic Engineer Ian Pari, who added that city staff will be conducting traffic studies in the area. 

Commissioners passed a motion to receive additional city staff information about traffic, evacuation measures and to receive more renderings of the project during its July 7 meeting before possibly turning it over to the City Council.

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