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When it comes to hearing loss, it’s normal to have a lot of questions. As hearing care professionals, we frequently have patients come in with questions about their hearing, hearing aids, different types of hearing loss, and how we can help them find a solution.

Q: What causes hearing loss?

A: Depending on the type of hearing loss you have there are many factors that could have contributed to your hearing loss. Some common causes of hearing loss include: ear infection, head/ear trauma, malformation of the outer/inner ear, aging, genetics, earwax build-up, perforated eardrum, exposure to loud noise, or medications that are toxic to hearing. 

Q: Can I talk on the phone with my hearing aids in?

A: You can talk on the phone with your hearing aids in, and with today’s technology you won’t receive any distracting feedback or whistling. With Bluetooth compatible hearing aids you can connect your devices directly to your smartphone. This allows you to stream phone calls straight to your hearing aids. Bluetooth hearing aids make listening to phone calls easier and less complicated. 

Q: What if I lose my hearing aids?

A: If you lose your hearing aids and they’re still under warranty, contact us immediately. Many manufacturer warranties will replace a lost hearing aid within two years after you’ve purchased the device, but it varies depending on the manufacturer and type of device.   

The best thing you can do to make sure you are maintaining your overall health and well-being is receive regular hearing screenings in addition to your other doctor visits.

To schedule a hearing aid consultation today, please call Audiology Associates at (661) 284-1900. Kevin Bolder, Au.D, Patrice Rifkind, Au.D. and John Davis, Au.D. are three of the best in Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley. Visit our website at www.AudiologyAssociates.net or stop by our office located at 23838 Valencia Blvd., Suite 100, Valencia. We are hearing healthcare excellence.

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