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Letters to the Editor
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On Dec. 5, 2019, (this date is from Google) reporter James Rosen asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi if she hated President Donald Trump. She replied that she was raised in a good, Catholic home and they didn’t hate anybody. 

“Don’t mess with me on this.” 

I sent the following email to her sometime after that in response. If I were writing to her today I would have LOTS more to say. I never received an acknowledgment of receipt or a reply:

My parents were die-hard Democrats and if they were alive today they would not be in the Democrat Party. My parents were honorable, and the Democrat Party has completely lost all HONOR. They were also good, practicing Catholics who followed ALL church teachings. 

The Democrat platform has several items contrary to Catholic teaching, abortion just being one of them. Yet no outrage from you. Honor? I’m 78 and have never heard a sitting member of Congress publicly call any president a “M-Fer” and laugh about it as Rashida Tlaib from Michigan did. 

I’ve also never heard a sitting member of Congress publicly call on people to surround people from the current administration while they are at restaurants, gas stations or where they live, as Maxine Waters did. People acted on her suggestions. 

Again, no outrage from you or any other Democrat. NO HONOR!

You say no one is above the law. I say only Democrats are.

The corruption in the Barack Obama administration with the FBI and FISA was a shock. NO HONOR and no outrage! Democrats have turned California into a cesspool and I don’t want the same thing to happen to our country, or the Constitution or Bill of Rights being trampled upon. Earn your honor back by having all Democrats in Congress not take a paycheck until the American taxpayer is reimbursed for the Russia “investigation” and the Mueller Report.

Judy Propri

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