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Gary Horton

A lot of folks have become so disillusioned with the current state of world, national and political affairs they’ve stopped following the news. As in, “shut it out” of their lives. But DON’T! You’ll miss out on a great show! 

Very serious things are afoot, and you and I are living in times certain to show up in future history books. (Except we won’t have books … maybe history chips, or history brain implants … or maybe all that’s happened worldwide just gets downloaded into our heads when we sleep.) Artificial intelligence stuff happens to be one of those world-changing stories of our time, so stay tuned to a broad spectrum of news sources, before you get chased down by the brain-chip stapling police. In the meantime, you’ll be amazed, entertained, bewildered and awed. We live in mind-bending times filled with the unexpected. 

This past week was a bittersweet celebration and victory for Ukraine. Long awaited but far too long delayed to the cost of tens of thousands of Ukrainian lives, the U.S. House of Representatives finally approved Ukraine (and Israel and Taiwan) defense bills. Ukraine will receive approximately $61 billion in direct weapons replacements, upgrades, military assistance and targeted economic help. Nearly everyone in Ukraine stayed up late to watch the House vote. When it finally came in, Democrats nearly universally approved the bill while approximately 50% of Republicans voted yes, and about 50% voted to stiff Ukraine after our prior promises to support. The bill ended up passing by greater than 70% overall! It’s said you could hear Ukrainian soldiers whoop in support from their freezing trenches … 

While this will make history itself, a big story also is the role Speaker Mike Johnson played. Long having favored Donald Trump’s penchant for rolling Ukraine in favor of Vladimir Putin’s dictator-ridden Russia, Johnson listened long and hard to actual military experts and to faith leaders from Ukraine. A committed Christian, Johnson is said to have been strongly moved by stories of Christians dying, murdered, raped, tortured, slaughtered, scattered, ruined by ravenous, murderous Russian troops and indiscriminate bombings. Understanding the urgent need to stop this mayhem and to stop the march of authoritarianism in Europe, Johnson stepped into the breach to bring theses defense bills to the floor – despite threats of “motions to vacate” and potential loss of his prestigious job. 

In doing so, Johnson bent history to the better. He certainly bent Ukraine’s potential to defend and potentially end the war favorably. But more – he struck deals between our two parties … he got people to talk and deal; and he got a very bipartisan deal done in an extremely partisan atmosphere. Who lost? The crazies. The far-right crowd whose childish behavior we’re all tiring from: Marjorie Greene, the forever loudmouth, Matt Goetz, the accused sex trafficker from Florida, Lauren Boebert, the movie theater sex performer, and others who’d rather shut down the government than make it run well; who’d rather tear everything down than build things up right. These babies in adult bodies lost, and they lost big. It might be their own, “Have you no sense of decency?” moments. The answer is no. No, they aren’t decent Americans. 

Johnson may have just broken the MAGA fever hanging over Congress. He may have busted the fear of Trump. He might even have brought in a new day of crossing the aisle to get things done. And wouldn’t that be a joy and a relief to all thinking Americans, regardless of our parties. Imagine, a Congress that wasn’t a battle zone. A Congress where folks negotiated and argued but would come together with ultimate solutions for our betterment, instead of one more threat to, “shut down the government.” Oh, we are so tired of this dysfunction! So, cheers to Mike Johnson, who demonstrated what leadership really looks like when leadership is a scarce commodity and nearly forgotten. 

Similarly, history was made by our own Rep. Mike Garcia. Mike spent countless hours working directly with Speaker Johnson to educate, cajole, plead, negotiate Johnson into making this historic move. Garcia himself wrote the Republican plans for rearming Ukraine. Garcia operated as a serious point man in this process. And, in the end, when all the votes were counted, Garcia voted YES on all the military assistance, and for those who care, Mike also voted for the border security bill that  did not pass – this time. But it will come up again and this next time there’s deals to get cut and things might just get done …. Congressman Garcia hit all the right buttons this time when it counted.  

And while all this history was being made, the Elephant in the Room wasn’t anywhere near “the room where it happened.” Instead, the 91-indictment defendant and charismatic cult leader Donald Trump was in court, napping through charges stemming from his payoffs to one prostitute and one Playboy bunny, attempting to hide his affairs during his presidential campaign. Over $250,000 was allegedly laundered through Trump’s lawyer as a retainer fee, but then paid out to these two potentially campaign-tanking women. Two women who Trump bought, and then bought off, are taking center stage in front of the whole world. Trump’s sleaze is on display, again reminding the whole world how despicable the man is. We see sordid history in the making … 

While Trump languishes in a courtroom, secrets unearthed, his once directly controlled minions have substantially revolted. 

It’s been said, “Trump is deflating.” Imploding might be a better description. Time will tell and history will report … 

Meanwhile, Tesla tanked. And England announced a functioning anti-missile laser weapon. (Yes, fricking lasers …). For some, the sun fully disappeared in favor of the moon. And Dubai first got fully historically inundated and then snowed in.  

About the only thing that didn’t happen was pigs taking flight.  

I think the pig flying thing happens next week … But if you don’t read all the news, you’ll miss the aerial porcine show with their hair-raising antics!

Gary Horton’s “Full Speed to Port!” has appeared in The Signal since 2006. The opinions expressed in his column do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Signal or its editorial board.

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