SCV under air quality alert for Sunday

SIGNAL FILE PHOTO: Better air quality. Light traffic on the 14 Freeway, Looking east from The Plaza at Golden Valley in Canyon Country on Wednesday, April, 15, 2020. Dan Watson/The Signal

Air quality officials issued an alert for the Santa Clarita Valley on Sunday, according to the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

The area of concern includes the Santa Clarita Valley, and parts of the east San Gabriel Valley and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Los Angeles County Public Health Department officials are warning residents to minimize outdoor activities if they suffer from heart disease, asthma or other respiratory diseases to minimize outdoor activity.

“Children who have sensitive conditions, including heart disease, asthma, and other chronic respiratory diseases, should not participate in outdoor physical activity and should stay indoors as much as possible,” said a news release distributed by the DPH.

Temperatures for the Santa Clarita Valley, according to the National Weather Service, are set to stay warm through Tuesday, but cool off by Wednesday.

It will remain in the lower 90s for Sunday, Monday will be 93 degrees and Tuesday will be 95 degrees, before dropping a little bit once again, said Lisa Phillips, a meteorologist at the NWS.

“It looks like not until Friday (will it reach triple digits),” said Phillips. “Friday we have a high near 100 degrees.”

Phillips said that there will be gusty winds on Saturday night through Monday, reaching speeds of 20 mph.

For current air quality maps and forecast, visit the AQMD website at

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